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By goodbyediet - 30/01/2015 11:00 - United Kingdom - Accrington

Today, I bought a small tub of coconut pieces in a bid to eat healthier snacks at work. I noticed that the chunks were a bit slimy, but thought nothing of it and kept eating. It wasn't until I reached the final few pieces that I noticed a huge black slug crawling across the bottom of the tub. FML
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Wtf i think it being slimy should have told you something was very off


normally one word comments are stupid. this one however was perfect, well played.

CrassKal 27

I'm just going to say it, you might want to get yourself checked out. Mollusks like slugs and snails can carry deadly parasites if you ingest them.

badmandilon 19

It wanted to eat healthy too. Can't blame it.

Actually, not healthy. Slugs can carry deadly parasites if ingested. Considering it obviously touched everything this person ate, they need to see a Dr.

Wtf i think it being slimy should have told you something was very off

One would think- but if op hadn't had any snacks like that before they might not have known the sliminess wasn't normal...

That's disgusting. I'd probably puke.

Yeah, it sounds like an experience worse then 9/11 and the holocaust combined.

Mmm. All natural slime sauce. It's the perfect condiment for the best types of diets.

brendejafulable 41

no, she'll probably just feel a little sluggish.

#8: I imagine genocide is worse than someone accidentally eating some slug-slime.

#40 You took that comment way to seriously, mate.

NotGabe 28

It's always a good idea to check out what you're snacking on before you eat it.

Well at least you didn't also eat the slug.