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By Anonymous - 17/01/2012 08:26 - Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Today, after sex, my boyfriend turned to me and said, "You know, sometimes, you look like Kevin Spacey." FML
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GoW_Chick 14

He must think Kevin spacey is sexy, and is hinting he wants to role-play next time. ;)


Another terrible comment in the rush to get first. Let's see how long it takes to get deleted.

Why did you get so many down votes for just putting hahahahahahahah

markrs 0

"Baby, Baby, Baby! Ohhhh!" Just popped in my head...the voice of a little girl...but now he hit puberty and sounds like a man girl. Sheman!

That awesome moment when you reference Justin Beiber and the comment above you is posted by a user with a fatbooth pic of the beibz.

that was actually my inspiration. ^ true story.

GovernorGeneral 8

Who??? I am Kaiser Sozé! The dad from American Beauty, the dad in The Ref, the leader in Ordinary Decent Criminals, he starred with Samuel Jackson in the Negotiator, damn man, he's done almost eveything! :) the Big Kahuna, Usual Suspects, Seven with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, Lex Luthor in Superman, etc

Torva_fml 16

Crap! Double post.... Umm... Something creative.... Uuuuuhhhhhh..... Who likes lasagna?

33- Not google, just a big ol movie nut. If anything, I was annoyed with myself for posting this comment, then realizing I should have also said Kpax and Pay It Forward, both movies I enjoyed more than most on my rant/list. :p Sad, but true. ;)

I didn't see kpax, but i agree, pay it forward is such a great movie.

Lol, Lalalady, don't feel lame! You're 12 years younger than me, a lot of those movies were made in the 90's! If anything, it just makes me realize I'm not 20 myself anymore! ;p I would recommend watching The Usual Suspects if you feel like getting a mind-job, Seven if you want to feel a chill in your soul, and Pay It Forward is very good, but sad. Just my picks! Cheers! ;)

topie_fml 6

I really enjoyed the ref. That is a good family values kind of movie. American beauty, the usual suspects, and seven are all amazing movies with great acting and very very good plots.

GoW_Chick 14

He must think Kevin spacey is sexy, and is hinting he wants to role-play next time. ;)

Canada's the brain, you should probably consider attaching to us :)

Yes, Florida is the penis. Always ******* hot and sweaty. -.-

KiddNYC1O 20

98- Bullshit, Canada is America's hat.

No way 101 we are the brain. We have good free health care all you got is shittty Obama-care and we are working on a national prescription drug plan so we get them for free. All your country made was chocolate covered bacon.... P.s bacon was made by Canadians

Also our pot is way better. BC bud is considered one of the best in the world

KiddNYC1O 20
Buttsexpirate 9

Well he was the most usual suspect to choose from the number of people you resemble.

Well, there were only about Se7en to choose from...

Andr913 13

Maybe he's saying you're an American Beauty?

He was just saying that your a working girl.

What the hell!? Damn OP, I am pretty speechless. I'm slightly confused as to whether he's saying you look like man, or he enjoys sex with you because you look like Kevin Spacey. That's messed up either way. Sorry OP!

Notice that OP is in Libya. I think she may have bigger problems to deal with.

No civil war ended and when I lived in Libya it was actually a rich country we had free health care and free schooling and our public schooling was actually some of the best in the world. Everyone just seems to see bad things from the media. Back home I used to be a doctor.

Or if you were just bagging on how we Muslims can't have sex before marriage or that women are below men is a lie. Takes op for example.

My mistake. Also, could you tell me why OP's location says "Arab Jamahiriya"? Is it still referred to as that after the Civil War?

Not sure the national transition council should be the governing body right now Mabye FML has not changed it. I myself decided to leave Libyia not because of the government I just wanted to see the world so I decided to live in Canada for a few years. However I am not a certified doctor here

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bubo_fml 10

Ask if he's interested in role playing, then bring up Stacey's character in "Se7en." If your boyfriend is still interested, he's way beyond freaky!!

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Yeah u r a fuckig RAT BASTORD u ugly person