Brain bleach please

By unashamed - 05/06/2014 08:11 - Australia - Ipswich

Today, an older gentleman came into my work for underwear. I helped him find his size, pulled out a pair of navy ones and he then turned to me and said, "I don't want dark colours because I can't tell if I've shit myself." He then continued looking for all the white pairs. FML
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Direct him to the diaper section. Those are white...


Direct him to the diaper section. Those are white...

Steve95401 49

It Depends on how long he has been wearing them.

EphMi 5

the dude wants to see his shit, not conceal it.

Except that they're one-use only pairs of underwear. That would make it inconvenient.

Yeah because loss of sense of touch in the bum area is common for old people.

I don't see how this is a FML for op. If anything the old man deserves it for the constant chocolate stains he has to deal with.

Brody_Generico 7

I think anything you shit in is one use... Look for sales

cloth diapers are a thing tho. maybe this guy just....washes his underwear...

But couldn't he smell it? Probably more easily than seeing it, too.

At least he is honest. He does have a strange reason, but a valid point.

brettrb 18

As I read this, I pictured the man being Gary Busey. Seems like it fits..

badluckalex 23

what/who is bono? or did you spell boner wrong??? much confusion

iLike2Teabag 27

I think it's a South Park reference. Bono is the front man of U2, and is "the world's biggest turd" according to South Park.

MysteryGuitarMan 32

Well, he does make a valid point tough.

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sterling1113 15

I'm pretty sure patience isn't the *only* virtue.

A virtue is a characteristic of a person which supports individual moral excellence and collective well being. There for honesty is a virtue.

Lavelle1313 11

#33 I wasn't going by any particular phrase, just the literal meaning of the word. Sorry for the confusion.

Seeing as I have a med condition that causes that very issue sometimes, that's why I would WANT dark ones...I think he's a lil nuts but hey to each their own.

He probably has vision impairment due to his age as well. That's my thinking behind his white undies logic anyway.

I'd go with white ones. You can wash and bleach them. With the dark ones, once you shit in them, you're kind of outta luck.

That's a shitty this pun is out of the way, let's move on to brighter comments.

It wasn't necessary to get that pun "out of the way".

badluckalex 23

you just brought it back "in the way". now that this thread is over with let's move on to more relevant comments

Right as I'm eating my breakfast. There goes my appetite!

Tut tut, haven't you already leant not to eat food while reading FMLs?

badluckalex 23

we've all learned the hard way, unfortunately.

I must have a stomach of steel then, eating and reading FML never bothers me