By Anonymous - / Wednesday 1 March 2017 01:37 /
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By  SneakyDeath  |  40

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  clair_brodie  |  15

The IRS audited me once. They sent me letters for weeks before telling me they would freeze my account if I did not tell them. Either the letters got sent to the wrong address or they were ignored.

By  dwcuzzz  |  22

You guys do realize that the IRS has tolerances for this kind of thing that they don't reveal to the public and someone made this up just to get published, right?

  Cali  |  22

*gasp* Do tell. For real though, do they forgive all debts below $5 or something?

  Selene1090  |  22

They didn't forgive my $5 debt. They literally told me I had to pay $5 or they would take my whole check. I ended up paying almost $15 because I had to pay $10 just to send them the money.

  Cali  |  22

Yikes. Not cool.

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