By Ieri - 12/04/2014 21:56 - Albania

Today, I was on a date with my boyfriend. As we walked back home from the cinema, he was checking his phone, when suddenly someone grabbed it and ran off. I had to be the one to go run after the thug because my 23-year-old boyfriend froze on the spot, crying. FML
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Hey OP here o/ Lots of these comments cracked me up, you guys are awesome xD So here's the follow up: In the end someone who saw what happened grabbed the guy and we could get the phone back (Yes, an iPhone) but he ran away, though it doesn't matter anymore. In response to the comments: 1.I didn't expect him to run after the thug just because he's male, I understand why he'd freeze up, I just didn't expect he'd start crying without saying a word and it was kinda embarrassing. 2.Yeah probably going after him wouldn't have been the safest thing to do, but caught in the spur of the moment that was all I thought to do. And calling the police wouldn't help where I am, they're practically useless -.- Calling for a robbed phone would do nothing. 3.I'm not breaking up with him just because of that, I love him, things happen, I'm not that shallow. Thanks for your comments anyway xD

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xChaos 29

This shows who has more balls between you two


Wow your comment was so intuitive and full of thought and emotion. Man I wish I had thought to post that.

Excuse me #4? #1 was clearly quoting legendary pro wrestler Ron Simmons.

#4 does every comment have to be? FML community needs to chill. For example, this comment will be down voted because it's not witty or emotional. Jesus.

It's being voted down because it is the epitome of stupid. A comment doesn't have to be amazing but at the very least put in the slightest amount of effort. Unless you want every comment section of every FML filled with "lol" "damn that sux" and "ydi"

I get your point, but it's to the point where one has to feel like they're walking on eggshells. Comments include reactions to whatever they're seeing. I once said "Uh oh." and I've never seen so many down votes in my life.

#74 Probably because things like "uh oh" are really not worth posting as a comment in the first place.

#65 saying 'Jesus' made it religious, so... UPVOTE!!!

Really? Who cares what other people post. Why are you even that worried about it?

This shows who has more balls between you two

#Equality And under this equal society, I will congratulate OP's boyfriend for managing to find the brave and capable girlfriend he deserves. =3

There's the huge part of me that says awesome. Especially if you got the phone back OP. But then there's the part of me that says it was only a phone, what if the robber knew how to fight and/or had a weapon? Getting killed trying to get a phone back is not worth it.

you cant help how you react in these situations! him crying from getting 'robbed' might have been light traumatizing to him. like, if someone asks you how you would react in an exstreme situation, honestly you can only guess/hope how you would react, and you might end up reacting completely different if you should end up in said situation. this is not a 'fml' for the girlfriend, poor guy.

Michael2687 9

Time for you to get an upgrade.

Yes, women should all strive to find male partners who will act on his instinctive judgement. Risking his life for material things is so sexy! If he's a husband and father, maybe he'll even die for his bravery and leave you all alone to raise the kids. So chivalrous, so ideal! =0

iLike2Teabag 27

I thought 3 was referring to a phone upgrade, like on the commercials on TV where people do ridiculous things to get an excuse to upgrade their phones.

marzipanimal 15

Or OP could get a man that doesn't cry about trivial shit like having his phone jacked. BEE A MAN! DO DA RIGHT TING!

But #31 OP's boyfriend didn't "use better judgment" like you're sort of implying. He didn't say "No, babe it's not worth it. I'll buy another one eventually." He froze up... and cried. I'm sorry but honestly that's pretty cowardly.

Oh yes, this is exactly what T-Mobile jump is for, but calling the police would be a better course of action.

Getting robbed is scary, no matter how small the object is.

Right? She chose to chase after a robber and not run like most people would do. She should give her man props for not trying to beat the guy up.

#5 That's no excuse for a MAN to not MAN UP and protect his girl (or in this case, his phone.) Get over it.

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Did you get a C in spelling and punctuation? Seriously, I hate to be "that guy" but you don't need anywhere near that quantity in punctuation and text lingo belongs in text messages.

#10. You should have put a full stop after punctuation, and a comma after and. It should be '... in punctuation. And, text...' Just saying.

#10 you don't hate to be "that guy" because if you did, you would have kept that little rant to yourself.

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#34, I do hate doing that. Unfortunately, I hate seeing those errors just a little more, it's always gotten on my nerves.

Scynistr 20

So...... Get off the internet?? Cause people do stuff like that every single day!!!! It's not as if you have to read the punctuations like they are words. You can choose to ignore the excess. You choose however, to make an ass of yourself.

wow. The people who thumbed me down clearly never got my sarcasm xD. I was only correcting him as a way of saying 'don't be a jerk if you are wrong yourself'.

oddities 20

#61, obviously, I understand that. Sometimes, it just gets on my nerves a little too much and I say something. Not often but sometimes. No need to snark about a pet peeve.

Don't worry, we hate the fact you had to be 'that guy' just as much as you hated being 'that guy'.

Did you get it back? I think this needs a follow up :)

Some people fight, some people hide and others freeze. You can't rationally chose between them, your natural instinct does.

oddities 20

Well said, 12. The fight or flight instinct is most definitely something we're born with and OP should accept that. Even if the crying bit was a little unnecessary, I'd be freaked out too.

Well now you know who wears the pants in the relationship. Did you catch the guy?

There's zero need to be snarky. Lots of phrases are outdated, yet still used.

I read it like that. And since I missed my editing time it's too late to change it.

OP's boyfriend must really love his phone! Then again, I would probably also be in a state of shock if someone just yanked my phone out of my hands like that.

But.... You're bolt the super dog. You could have gotten it back and been home in under a second!