Hurry up!

By Anonymous - 22/01/2021 02:02

Today, my wife told me not to rush her during packing for our upcoming move. She's lived in the house for 30 years and apparently needs to reminisce over every single item. FML
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Help her pack.

WTF, dude. Give her some space.


Help her pack.

WTF, dude. Give her some space.

Are you newlyweds? Or just not nostalgic? Why are you moving?

You sound like a jerk!! She's obviously sentimental and processing closing a huge chapter of her life in that home. Shame on you. Slow tf down and reminisce with her.

coius 23

Moving dates come up fast. There are major extra costs and legal issues if you miss the date. They need to be as fast and efficient as they can. She can reminisce over a few things, but everything will take weeks. Not like it isn’t going with them to their new place.

samomaha 17

That's a sign of a hoarder beginning to develop. It may not seem like it now, but it will develop. Please start now with learning what you can do to help her avoid becoming one. Meanwhile, pack like hell, perhaps hire someone to help, whatever you need to do to avoid the problems that another person mentioned.