By Anonymous - 07/08/2012 06:16 - United States

Today, I went to a BBQ. The night was going well until I had to wrestle car keys away from my intoxicated mother in front of all my friends. FML
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Better than going to her funeral knowing that you could've made a difference. Be proud that you made the right decision.

"Stop it mom, you're embarrassing me..." "Ermahgerd! Cer Keeeeeeeez!"


Nymphetamatrix 19

Must've been quite an entertaining show for all of them.

sunnyt 5

Someone should have recorded it. Those would make great memories during family reunions hehe.

theten_fml 9

Having your mom hang out with you and your friends?

Oh yes #11, this could be instant YouTube gold.

37, I'm on the app and I can't click it, how dare you taunt me!

theHIGHroad2 5

BBQ and a half-time show.. I like it

It's always entertaining when someone's drunk.

tjv3 10

Good for you OP it's better to take a stand and be a little embarrassed then to have her drive

Better than going to her funeral knowing that you could've made a difference. Be proud that you made the right decision.

It's better to take their keys and embarrass them then to save the confrontation and have to deal with the funeral. Good job OP for doing the right and responsible thing.

Well in the FML it never says the keys were his mothers... She could have just been a drunken asshole and been playing keep away...

braceletsandhell 7

"Stop it mom, you're embarrassing me..." "Ermahgerd! Cer Keeeeeeeez!"

sunnyt 5

Dolan pls! Geev mi dah cer keaz nao!

I wurner driiiive! Germer teh cuuur keys!

Most likely, or we would have read an FML about a car wrapped around a tree that his mom took off with under the influence.

featherygoose 9

I'm sure he did, she was on crack.

Michellec9982 18

Aww well just hope that ur friends understand. You made the right choice, OP (:

zuzupetalsYO 11

Who cares if the friends understand #5. people die from this you moron.

Nice to see the kid being the responsible designated driver. Your mom could consume the alcohol she wants but when she's putting herself and others in danger, you have to step in. And you did, so good for you! :)

Zoh_Aubrey 8

I agree, OP just saved lives. ::starts the slow clap::

flutter4 7

And you would think mom should be the responsible one

What, did she drink all the lighter fluid?

Well obviously! Can't anyone be sarcastic without getting thumbed down?!

It's hard to make sarcasm come across in text. Plus it was just bad.

jillybee101 7

I would say sorry OP, but then everyone for some reason would get mad and go on about how they hate when people say "sorry".

mrnuleef 7

Do you bask in the negative glory of a wasted comment? Can't wait to see what everyone else has to say...

10- agreed I dont know why people go on about saying sorry!

jillybee101 7

17- No actually. But nobody can say something truthful on here without getting botch at for what everyone else thinks. So.... I don't really care about what you think. You can waste your time ranting about my "waste of a comment".