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Today, I was at Petsmart with my puppy. Someone tried to pet him. I tried to warn the guy that he is a rescue and doesn't trust easily. He didn't listen and now wants to sue me for a dog bite that didn't even break the skin. FML
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This is why I don't like taking my dog out often. People need to learn to ask before touching a stranger's pet.

Well, he can't sue if there is no damage and you did try to warn him. People should never pat strange dogs without owner's permission, it was his own stupidity


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I think it sucks for OP but if the dog has done this before, and it sounds like it has, she needs to flat out say no, don't touch my dog. She is that dogs protector and should know and enforce its boundaries. So in a way she failed the dog and DI, but I do feel for her so I am torn.

If you read the post she said that she did tell the guy not to pet him.

Op should counter sue for emotional distress of the dog

@ 23, and then he'd sue for sexual harassment

Pricks get pricked by puppies I suppose.

No she shouldn't....that's stupid

Idiots and assholes are everywhere

He was. He was. Thankfully everything worked out. Mister is at home and safe. :)

#28 Even then half the time you tell people not to pet your dog they still do.

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ha, he's got nothing on you, you wanted him.

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dang, I didn't notice that, thanks.

What a difference that post makes with just one letter

This is why I don't like taking my dog out often. People need to learn to ask before touching a stranger's pet.

I agree. You never know what a dog is like. It's not the dog's fault, it's the person's fault. I'm sorry, OP. I hope everything works out.

#3 Please tell me you don't let the stupidity of others stop you walking your dog? They need exercise!

We walk miles daily, but typically during a quiet time of day on the local trail where many people don't go. I guess I should specify I don't like taking him to places like pet stores, where idiots like this go.

It's not just dogs, people will rush to pick up my cat when I take him out, and he's shy and attacks strangers. Strangers would also start to touch my mom's belly without permission when she was pregnant. People have no boundaries. :/

Or let their kids. I volunteer at a shelter that has signs everywhere saying don't put fingers through the grates. Unfortunately, if a dog breaks skin they have to be out down. I would rather put down the person and thin the herd.

My mom worked at two different shelters and the excuses they have to put dogs down are unbelievable. Dogs around here can be labeled as dangerous and euthanized because they bark. Typically I don't think children should be allowed back with the animals anyway, exactly for that reason.

People like him make me angry. The dog didn't even break the skin! One time, my mom was going to the car with my dog. She wasn't paying attention and the mail lady came driving up to do her thing. My dog went up to her to say hi, she wasn't even barking or growling, and the mail lady started screaming, which caused my dog to start barking, then got back in her mail truck and drove off. My mom didn't get the mail for a few days, so she went to the post office to figure out why, and apparently the mail lady filed a report about a "dog attack." I'm not trying to take the blame off of my mom because she should have been paying attention, but my dog was NOT growling or barking or anything. And my dumb sister came to visit quite a few years ago. She met my dog once, but it had been like a few years, so my dog didn't know her. My sister was staying with her friend and I went over because my sister had a birthday present for me. She jumps in the backseat with my dog and tried to hug her. My dog bit her face and made her bleed a little bit. She had to go to the hospital and get stitches. And she insisted that I open my gift right there while she was covering her face, which was bleeding. My dog had to be quarantined for 10 days. Seriously, guys. Don't be stupid with dogs.

Sounds like how it is at the shelters here in Raleigh. Luna, our rescue who we recently adopted, was almost put down because she was shy and people were scared of her since she's a pit mix. Luckily she was saved by a foster mom the day before she would've been euthanized. Now we know that she's one of the sweetest and most outgoing dogs around. Some people can be too quick to judge.

true, my golden retriver has 10yo and just because of the breed people think they can pet her. I warn you...she has nice teeth...

Well, he can't sue if there is no damage and you did try to warn him. People should never pat strange dogs without owner's permission, it was his own stupidity

exactly, the guy really doesn't have a leg to stand on because she verbally warned him and there is no visible bite.

At least now you know who's looking for a quick buck.

I would figure someone who wants to pet a dog to be an animal lover....

Is the bark worse than the bite ?

Psh let him sue you. The courts will laugh in his face and fine him for wasting their time.

That would actually be something hilarious to witness.

Guys just mad because he thought he was the next "Dog Whisperer" and found out otherwise. Everything's on camera so he has no case, just tell him to quit being an ass.

what an asshole. I hope your puppy wasn't scared.