By jshi8 - 04/08/2011 14:35 - United States

Today, I was taking a dump behind a dumpster. I suddenly heard a noise and a vibration against the dumpster. It was a garbage truck lifting it to collect the trash. The garbage men started laughing and took out their phones. FML
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emmiep1011 7

what are you doing taking a dump behind a dumpster? Were you born in a barn?


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mustardhippo 4

And why where you ******** behind a dumpster and not in a toilet?

NastyNinja31 0

a dump behind a dumpster.. Makes since

I'm guessing you posted this from a public library computer seeing as you MUST be homeless. Why don't you shit in the library's toilet?

YDI for doing your business in public.

Laurenlou 24

Dudes he is obviously a hipster! Toilets are WAY to main-stream to take a dump in! Gosh, everyone goes along with the crowd.

Bear Grylls obviously was pretending to be homeless for a new episode of Man v. Wild.

So the dumpers took pictures of the dumpee, as the dumpee took a dump next to the dumpster? Your an inconsiderate nasty ass. Next time take your dump IN the dumpster. No body wants to see your shit.

mustardhippo 4

36 but then he'd get hungry and eat his own shit. It's bear grylls!

mustardhippo 4

36 but then he'd get hungry and eat his own shit. It's bear grylls!

43- Nah, he'd kill one of the garbage men and eat him.

43- Nah, he'd kill one of the garbage men and eat him.

#42 if OP took a dummp in the dumpster it would make for a better FML story seeing as the garbage men would lift it into the dump truck. :D

sooo smelly are the homeless I know I was 4 a decade. I NEVER SHIT OUTSIDE ITS NOT NECESSARY urgh but warm

jake1632 9

"Heard a noise and a vibration against the dumpster" after that I think OP changed the story.

lol ydi for doing it in public there was probably a place close enought to take a shit

tjv3 10

that's just gross I guess your momma didnt raise you with any sense or respect

Apparently, the OP mistook the term "DUMPster" as a literal term.

20- no he probably stole someones iPhone and used the app inside it to submit this fml

might work better for you if you try a normal bathroom like... idk normal people.

Why the hell would you take a dump behind the dumpster?

This is ment for number 42: Ya, so wen he takes a dump IN the dumpster, and the dumpster gets thrown into to the garbage truck, he can get thrown in there too

88 Who'd want to watch that anyway? Disgusting!

emmiep1011 7

300,000,000 people in this Country manage to take a shit into a crapper every day. NO EXCUSES.

sickjairo 7

With what did you wipe after?

flockz 19

maybe he doesnt like the splash of water on his ass a good ol' fashioned shit makes. maybe he likes his ass dry as a desert and if his ass were to be splashed, it would be like a witch from the wizard of oz. now he must face the choice of ******** behind a dumpster and being ridiculed, or lose his ass completely as it shrinks to nothing and smokes as if it were a new plate of fajitas. good job.

Dispute 3

well it's called a DUMPster for a reason...

flockz 19

the mere thought of diarhea must make his ass flaps cringe.

r u french? nice **** bitch get a nose job though then give me a blow-job ok?

flockz 19

102- how long does it take u to get modded?

Jvr91 8

It took me the first sentence to decide ydi

I would rather shit my pants while I'm running towards the bathroom then behind a dumpster any day. Who cares, I get to buy a new pair of pants :)

I voted YDI the moment I read "I was taking a dump behind a dumpster"... WTF op. just WTF

eminemchick 19

205 trying out the fun "add a comment" button i see?

Laurenlou 24

148- Either you copied my reply to the first comment, or this is all one HUGE coincidence! xD

65, you wipe with the money that the kid age you to buy smokes

cupcakesnpot 9

why does everyone always put thumbs down? even on the good comments... I think it's a waste of a button! sorry I have nothing to say about your comments or OP stupidity.

crazy17balls 0

I think ZoP is now... the Dumpster. lol

Laughing_Cow 0
Laughing_Cow 0

please, enlighten me. At what point did that seem like a good idea?

261, some people get a weird thrill by doing stuff like that.

I gotta do it since no one else is yet... But this Seems like a shitty situation.

mustardhippo 4

what are you doing taking a dump behind a dumpster? Were you born in a barn?

GreenMuzz 0

There arent dumpsters in barns

mustardhippo 4

Jesus was born in a barn. And dumpsters didn't exist then :P

Laughing_Cow 0

What's a hobo doing wasting his time on this app?!?! Get a job!

Yes this is clearly Jesus ******** behind some dumpster in Maryland.

I agree. Why the hell did you feel the urge to take a dump behind a dumpster? If you really wanted to take a shit in public, you could have done it in a more secluded area like a bush in a forest. Or, you could have been like everyone else and shit in a toilet.

Maybe he was just too munted(severly drunk for those who don't know) to reach a toilet in time. Yaknow how it is, when you gotta go you gotta go.

toddlesscott 0
Missiy10 0

Why where u taking a dump behind a trashcan????

you couldn't find somewhere less public? or maybe a toilet?

In OP's mind, he's thinking “shit no toilet paper”

asia3pea90 13

Obviously he couldn't if he had to do it there...

joefrazier 20