By jshi8 - United States
Today, I was taking a dump behind a dumpster. I suddenly heard a noise and a vibration against the dumpster. It was a garbage truck lifting it to collect the trash. The garbage men started laughing and took out their phones. FML
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  FarSide  |  22

So the dumpers took pictures of the dumpee, as the dumpee took a dump next to the dumpster?

Your an inconsiderate nasty ass. Next time take your dump IN the dumpster. No body wants to see your shit.

  affamigo13  |  1

This is ment for number 42: Ya, so wen he takes a dump IN the dumpster, and the dumpster gets thrown into to the garbage truck, he can get thrown in there too

  flockz  |  19

maybe he doesnt like the splash of water on his ass a good ol' fashioned shit makes. maybe he likes his ass dry as a desert and if his ass were to be splashed, it would be like a witch from the wizard of oz. now he must face the choice of shitting behind a dumpster and being ridiculed, or lose his ass completely as it shrinks to nothing and smokes as if it were a new plate of fajitas. good job.

  cupcakesnpot  |  9

why does everyone always put thumbs down? even on the good comments... I think it's a waste of a button! sorry I have nothing to say about your comments or OP stupidity.


I agree. Why the hell did you feel the urge to take a dump behind a dumpster? If you really wanted to take a shit in public, you could have done it in a more secluded area like a bush in a forest.

Or, you could have been like everyone else and shit in a toilet.