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  Misswildsides  |  22

It's unfortunate OP got their phone stolen, but I'm glad they didn't give her their number and get things going with her. Who knows what else she would have stolen if they got close.


She could have been really air headed and scatter brained and since the doors were about to close she didn't want to miss her stop and she got off without thinking, taking the phone with her by accident.

  Wimoweh  |  10

How's this for the chorus, *ahem*:
"She stole my heart,
Then she stole my phone!
I thought it was over,
But then she followed me home."

I'm sorry I can't think of any more, but I'll leave that to you guys.

  deepunder  |  17

Adding to #120.
"She took my beer"
"And sunk my career"
"Yelled loud"
"So i couldn't hear"
"She mooched my food"
"She was very rude"
"She ate my cat"
"She was in a bad mood"
More people should add to the song!!

  DontSaveMe  |  16

Later that night
We got into a fight
I called her a creep
Because she watched me sleep
She gave back my phone
But said it was still her own
Now I know what she meant...
I found the disturbing pictures that had been sent O.O

Can't think of any more, is that any good? '3'

  Archay  |  13

I imagine op happened to be a Olympic runner chased her down forced her for her number took his phone then delete the number right in her face while manically laughing then he trips and launches the phone across the subway and it gets run over by a train. The end.

  BronayPonay  |  6

80, while I don't necessarilly agree with 77's comment, they do have some cool controllers. Don't go poking fun at someone just for the sake of a comeback. Same goes for 77.

  Lionesse  |  15

Some people make a living off doing things like this. You asked how they feel comfortable robbing someone after talking to them, well it's simple. They talk to you, to see if your guard drops, if it does, then they grab whatever they were aiming for and bail. They feel no remorse (I had a camera stolen from me that way) ... Or maybe the person that stole the OP's phone isn't a professional.. But instead saw an opportunity... And took it. Who knows.

Look on the bright side... you know the number of the phone she took. Call her. If she's interested in you it may be a weird game, but if she doesn't answer, your phone service provider can track her to an exact location if GPS-capable, or within 10 meters if not.