By Heww - United States
Today, after working an 11 hour shift, I decided to treat myself to a delicious Krispy Kreme doughnut. When I got home, I sat down, put my feet up, poured myself a cold glass of milk. My dog jumps on my lap and vomits all over my doughnuts, stares at me then bites the doughnut out of my hand. FML
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  StarElise  |  0

why are people so obsessed on here about being the first to comment?

does that not just mean you have no life and so sit and resfresh the page until there are new FMLs up?

  fmlfmlfml15  |  0

I don't care if the first commenter posts that he/she is first, but it's kind of annoying that the "First" isn't followed by any comment relevant to the FML. Nevertheless, I just let them have their moment.

  StarElise  |  0

very dipolmatic of you fmlfmlfml15 haha.

i agree, it is annoying that they don't say anything related to the fml, which in this case is a definite FYL.

I once waited 20 mins for a crepe at a festival then as i walking to a stage across the field i tripped and dropped. FML indeed.

Know how you feel OP!!

  XOfiestypixie  |  0

I never really got the whole game thing. I know what it is, but I had half my friends in high school walking around saying that if you visited the site you HAD to play...but really who's making you? Ninjas won't come to your house in the middle of the night and I don't think Chuck Norris bothers himself with that kind of thing.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

Chuck Norris doesn't, for sure. I don't really like "the game", but it's getting addicting.
Other person, I lost the game, so I figured I'd share the joy. Sorry!

  MrCatman1125  |  2

Really? You almost kill it because it puked on you and ate your donut. I wouldn't want to piss you off. No one likes a crazy psychopath that hurts puppies for small reasons! Do you have kids? If not don't get any, because you sound like a terrible parent, or person. Fucked shit escalates! Maybe from defenseless pup to child. I don't 100% believe in Hell, but if it's real you've already got there, so congrats to the puppy torturing psychopath!