By hoperpq - 28/2/2017 09:36 - France - Paris

An FML Photo captioned by hoperpq. Well done!

Today, mom was finally convinced that grandpap is senile when he decided to "hunt" the deer head mounted on the wall with his shotgun. FML
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  Alan  |  49

Sorry. My mistake. I forgot about iOS users and uploaded the wrong type of picture. This'll all be better when the next update arrives!


OMG, you're right! That's DISGUSTING! Fuck THEIR lives, racist fuckers! Maybe gramps will do everyone a favor and shoot himself next. Not to mention the fact that the inbred shitbag is pointing his rifle in the direction of a woman and a kid! Welcome to Trump's base--They're Making 'Murica Great Again.

By  species4872  |  19

try this.
Today I thought it would be funny to hide grand dad's remote. FML

By  GhostFox  |  33

I... don't really see the humor in someone showing very poor gun safety with a child in the room, let alone with said gun being pointed in the vague direction of said child.