By calivianya - 28/08/2012 04:49 - United States - Greensboro

Today, there's a cricket in my apartment. I don't know if I'm more annoyed by the fact that it somehow got up three flights of stairs to get here, or that my cat is so excited about it that he's jumping on me and howling in my face to announce the cricket's presence instead of killing it. FML
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Just so you guys know, I have a whole lot of furniture. I'm pretty sure the cricket was hiding under one of the pieces of furniture, but every time I got near my couch, ottoman, armchair, side table, or bookcase, it stopped chirping. It was pretty hard to tell where it was coming from!

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it's kinda like "meoooAaahhooowww". *prepares for thumbs down*


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What? Are you, by any chance, learning English? That is the only reason I could think for you responding to #1 this way.

Yowl/howl who cares. This cat must like to act as a dog, don't discriminate!

One of my cats makes very weird noises sometimes and I don't even know how to describe them on here.. All I have to say is it's not a meow and it's not a growl

it's kinda like "meoooAaahhooowww". *prepares for thumbs down*

My cats meow honestly sounds like a howl, and he does it all the time, it's quite annoying early in the morning when he tries to wake everybody up.

15-it's a hunting call, my cats did it too. My best description of it is a soft clicking noise and quivering mouth.

They find a large room with echos and frigin scream as loud as they can at around midnight.

17 - That's totally the noise my cat makes, for real. I thumbed you up.

My cat moans when he sleeps and snores.

Wow, an OP replied. That's a first for me.

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My cat would kill it then bring it and drop it on my chest . It would also prob wait til I was half asleep

You need a new cat that has some balls!

Unfortunately alot of cats balls are cut off

Ops pussy shouldn't be such a... Well pussy.

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Haha it's just excited to have some company.

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Cats howl? Thats interesting....but no seriously cats usually just go for the bugs. You have a strange but hilarious cat!

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My cat hates bugs and mice. She will kill a mouse but then leave the dead body on the floor

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Why do u need ur cat to do it??

It's not exactly easy to find a cricket.

26- Even if I found it... I wouldn't want to touch it :/

Big Bang Theory anyone? Could you put the cat out for a bit, and then find the cricket?

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68- I WATCH IT!!! And i think many ppl do sinxe its all over Hot Topic at the moment

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Cats don't get excited. They get vindictive and smug

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Yea, I agree with 1, how do they howl? It's not like it's a werewolf or dog.

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Cats can howl. YouTube it of you don't believe me or the 500 other people that said so...