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Today, I was in a public restroom when the girl in the stall next to me started asking me how I was doing. Thinking it was weird but not wanting to be rude, I answered her questions. Halfway though our conversation she said: "Hold on, the girl in the stall next to me thinks I'm talking to her." FML
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This happened to me before. The girl was like "OMG (not "Oh my God! it was OMG)some girl thinks I'm talking to HER!" (in a bitchy, self-righteous tone) so I replied "Hey, I gotta go. This girl is in the other stall and she thinks that I'm talking to her. She's on the phone and thought I was answering her. I gotta get out of here, though. She is stinking up the bathroom really bad." (She was taking a decently loud poop while on the phone - EW) (I wasn't on my phone, just pretending to be) So I washed my hands really quick and got the hell out of there.

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oh, man. that sucks. i would feel so awkward after wards!! so how embarrassed were you afterwards??


I am an idiot muppet and I got nuked because I don't have anything nice to say.

I think this one is especially funny though, just because the girl next to her was on the phone in a public bathroom stall. Seriously, **** that other girl's life, for being a creeper weirdo.

Yup, just put "Hold on, the girl in the stall next to me thinks I'm talking to her." under the quotation marks in Google ^^

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Lawl, Ive read this FML in a magzine or on a website or something years ago cause I totally remember it from somewhere....

im pretty sure there have been like 5 fmls like this and its in magazines and has been a joke for a while im gonna call you on it cuz of that oh and the slim to none chance that this is real its a total YDI for being completely ignorant of the oldest joke since cell phones so yeah

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I heard this from a comic and have been telling this joke for years!!!!!!!!

Yeah, some people don't get how nasty it is to talk on the phone while you're going to the bathroom. Nobody wants to hear you pushing over the phone. Hang up and call back in 5 minutes when you're done and have washed your nasty hands.

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it wouldnt be halfway through the convo like you say, unless you guys kept talking. which would be super awkward

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Today, I was talking to my best friend in a public bathroom. Some creeper next to me started answering all my questions. I had to awkwardly tell her I was on the phone. FML

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I've talked in restrooms, i won't lie. of course, it was hiding from the teacher at school, and I wasn't using the restroom at the same time so it's a bit different:P

Agreeeee #1. There are so many FML's like this now. Be original next time, thanks

It's also just like the beer commercial!

i think its all a conspiracy. because so many shitty fmls get put through when everyone submits great ones. i reckon that its just the moderators that post these ( the people that run the site, not those that vote on fmls to be submitted or w.e) i mean seriously, the people that wrote them never reply to any of the questions in the comments anyway. correct me if im obviously wrong but i dont think this site is completely for real.

I agree. I've been thinking the exact same thing.

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It's not completely for real, but have you ever moderated? There's a ton of FMLs. I don't think they can get to all of them. I agree that this one shouldn't have been posted. It IS one of the better versions, but I think it'll exasperate most of us.

I agree. There are so many shitty FML's posted when I see plenty of good FML's that aren't.

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one of the better versions? how many different versions of this can you get? either its a guy or its a girl. thats about it.

WTF what kind of shit are you smoking this fml is hilarious. get a sense of humore

you deserve it for being unoriginal in making up an fml. use your imagination.

Just because it's the same as in a joke, doesn't mean it isn't real. A couple of times I've accidentally responded to somebody wearing a very small bluetooth that I didn't notice and I thought they were talking to me. This kinda stuff happens.

Holy ****, you don't even know if it's fake, you hot no proof. Quit being a bitch and enjoy it, KINGCUNT.

I'm sure you'll find the same stories over and over again if you're a regular. I personally haven't seen this one so jeez, give her a break

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dude, that's a joke probably older than I am, an d I'm nearly 20

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really? because that would have been especially weird with the cell phones from the 1980s...

... because he was definitely being literal when he said "probably".

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oh, man. that sucks. i would feel so awkward after wards!! so how embarrassed were you afterwards??

If it was me I wouldn't have left the stalls until she left

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You may very well get a lot of YDI votes. Perhaps more than YLIF votes. Screw them. Assuming this really happened, **** the person in the stall next to you's life. People who talk on cell phones in public places should be shot. You don't know who is talking to you. You don't know who is freakin' insane. Cell phone use in public is evil.

"People who talk on cell phones in public places should be shot." public RESTROOMS, yes. public in general? no.

Wtf is the point of mobile phone if Not able to bring it in public and speak on it?? Agree with #93!!!

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copypasta. why would anyone would approve this? =_=

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i change my mind, this really is SO old, try using that noddle of yours next time!