By thebrokentardis - 22/09/2014 06:45 - United States - Minneapolis

Today, I got hit by a car while riding my bike to work. In the hospital, every single nurse lectured me about how I wouldn't be here if I wore a helmet, which I'm sure would be really helpful to my broken leg. FML
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It wouldn't help your leg, but you should be wearing one!

Yeah, you should get a helmet for your leg.


It wouldn't help your leg, but you should be wearing one!

I'm docbastard and you should've been wearing a helmet. oh wait.. I'm not docbastard....

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Well, you're going to be a leg-met now. Though it'll be known as a cast...

that is bullcrap. I am dutch, the Netherlands have a HUGE cycling culture, the biggest in the world. Everybody rides their bike everywhere and there are way more bikes than people in this country. There's bicycle lanes on almost every street, often seperate from the street itself. NOONE. NOT A SINGLE ******* DUTCH PERSON WEARS A HELMET. noone does. It's not necesary whatsoever.

we wear shin guards in soccer... same thing I suppose lol

#104- Exactly, you're more likely to die from breaking your neck than a head injury, and helmets don't stop that. Americans do ride faster though, and city developers usually just draw a white line for bikes on heavy traffic roads and call it a day.

Not only do they do that stupid edge line here in Australia, drivers are legally required to keep I think it was 2 meters away from the bikes. Which isn't possible in the space allotted unless the bike goes off the road, which is usually into a deep grassy ditch full of snakes and broken glass and crap.

Yeah, you should get a helmet for your leg.

Knee pads don't stop you breaking a leg, they just stop you scraping all the skin off your knee when you have a stack.

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Actually they absorb some of the impact, so your leg has a better chance of not getting broken with knee pads.

accidents happen, the driver will be charged accordingly, and we don't even know the full story. op could have come out of a blind spot, not always the driver's fault

why sue? so that both if the driver and cyclist have to lose more money? He broke his leg, nothing extremely serious. There is no reason to waste peoples time and money to sue over a broken leg.

There are a lot of cyclists that are supposed to drive in the cycling lane but are so far over on the road cars actually have to go into the lane beside them to go around them. So there is a good chance it was the cyclists fault. Either way though Op is an idiot for not wearing a helmet.

@11 I wasn't referring to a car's blind spot (as in head check area) I'm talking about if op came out from behind a parked car or something to that effect. happened where I live not long ago, luckily the driver had a dash cam to prove he did everything in his power to try and avoid hitting the bloke

You cant really "check" a blindspot. You can wait a little bit and hope whatever is there realizes youre doing something (turn signals and such) but thats about it. They're called blindspots for a reason. I'm glad I live in a place where riding backs on the road isn't really legal except in very specific areas. Too dangerous IMO. Mostly because most people are assholes when driving.

Actually most vehicles are built so that if you lean forward or left/right the blind spot would be in a different spot, so you can check everywhere. Of course in some vehicles, like semis, this isn't an option, but chances are he could've checked in his vehicle

YES!!!!!! After many potential FMLs for idiotic "sue them" comments we finally get the comment! Thank you #3 you made my day a little brighter! There's been a dry spell on "sue them" comments, don't judge me.

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you can check blindspots by turning your head looking wherever the blindspot is.

From my experience as both a driver and a cyclist, cyclists are ******* twats who get in everyone's way

Now, I'm not one of the nurses, but wear your damn helmet. You only broke a leg this time, but next time you might not be so lucky.

Agreed. I am a Nurse and we are required to say stuff like this. The OP got lucky, more often then not there is a serious head or face injury that could have been preventable or less severe with a helmet.

It's still a bit silly for them to be saying that the OP wouldn't be there if they were wearing a helmet when clearly they would be.

Here in The Netherlands, everyone rides bikes, nobody wears helmets, and everybody falls when they are young. Result? A painfull knee, or a broken arm or leg. Never a head injury. You have to fall really weird to have an actual head injury..

Plus we also have extremely good bike infrastructure, so it's really safe for us to use our bikes!

this has absolutely nothing to do with the fml. but I like your name nymeria lol

To add insult to this case, literally.

You mean salt, don't you? Yeah, literally.. -_-'

Honestly, The fact that you got in a wreck without a helmet and only broke your leg is remarkable

Depending on how fast the car was going, that could be worst case scenario.

You should wear a helmet in all cases, now it was a broken leg but who knows later what might happen...

And you wouldn't have written the above comment if OP wore a helmet.

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Did they at least explain how the helmet could have saved your leg?