By Anonymous - 01/03/2017 20:00

Today, our 2-year-old poured honey on our baby. FML
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CheekyRaccoon 27

Well ain't that sweet?

Oh sweet baby Jesus...


CheekyRaccoon 27

Well ain't that sweet?

Y'all must laughed like crazy.

The 2-year-old was worried about all that wispy hair and tried to help with a honey mask. So thoughtful!

Rock_Lobsterr 10

RIP Huskers jersey.

Your baby looks like a sweetie !

wtf is "I agree, we'll spotted" suppose to mean haha

This should be followed with - Today I got my ass beat for pouring honey on my sibling. FML

Oh sweet baby Jesus...

species4872 19

Honey, I got the kid.

embarrasseddaily 7

that seems like a sticky situation