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Today, I made 2 beautifully decorated cakes for Mother's Day. One was for my mother in law and the other for my mum. I came down to pack my mum's and found they had both been half eaten. My brother in law decided he wanted to try a bit of both to decide which was better. FML
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Ok OP here. Thanks for turning this into a funny situation. My brother in law is the baby of my husbands family. By 'baby' I mean a 21 year old man who eats, eats, eats! I didn't feel the need to tell everyone not to touch it until they had been given it as I had written Happy Mothers Day (Mum… and Mum…) on them both. They were both red velvet cakes decorated the same way to avoid any jealousy amongst both women. I ended up just scooping the writing off and playing it off as a random cake I had made. My brother in law still doesn't see what he did wrong but I shall be breaking his hands if he touches my birthday cake this month lol.

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Dear 2&4, she is in the UK. It is Mother's Day there. The fact that she used "mum" should clue you in on the fact this was not written in the US.

Among the dumber stories that end up on this site, I'd say this one really takes the cake!


Among the dumber stories that end up on this site, I'd say this one really takes the cake!

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Yes it is, in the UK. I know it's hard to fathom, but in different countries holidays fall on different days than the US.

It's Mothering Sunday in the UK today, lots of countries don't share your holidays. Just a heads up, we won't be celebrating anything on 4th of July either

you could if you wanted to #13 Happy Loss Of Land Day! No no you're right it doesn't have the same ring to it. In all seriousness my newsfeed on Facebook was filled with Happy Mothers Day and I about leaped out of bed scared that I forgot mothers day (and a little bit offended that I was forgotten) before I Googled and realized it's still March.

20, I'm always thrown off every year. I know the US celebrates in May, but I still have a moment of panic before I realize. XD

As an American born in England with English family members, I'm super jealous of Guy Fawkes day. I tried to start a similar holiday with my buddies, but it turns out my fellow Americans aren't as into burning effigies of our slain enemies. *Sigh* Well, at least we have Independence Day, which I love and always go all out for.

Lies! What kind of sorcery would do that?!

Sometimes I just really hate the people in my country

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OP isn't in the US. Hard to imagine, I know.

It's like people live in countries other than the US. Crazy, right?

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When I read this fml my first thought was "Please don't say anything dumb, fellow Americans." Here you are, crushing my hopes.

I like how #4 went in fully gramatically correct and all stern complete with a full-stop at the end, as though she has the upper hand and was just that confident her comment would bang

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You're a little stupid for public comments. Must be the eyeliner fumes.

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Right because when I see 2 beautifully made cakes that don't look store bought, I'm going to definitely think my sister in law totally slacked off while doing it. Even if he didn't think she worked hard on them it's a complete asshole move to do. Especially if they're for his own mother. The guy just has no respect.

Regardless of whether OP worked hard on them or not, who just walks into a kitchen and tries a cake that's not his?

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Irrelevant. He's not a mother, those obviously weren't for him.

Well, make him help you for the next tinw you bake.

Dear 2&4, she is in the UK. It is Mother's Day there. The fact that she used "mum" should clue you in on the fact this was not written in the US.

not to mention at the bottom of the FML is says UK on mobile

with the new update I can't see the country or gender anymore so that's not always an option

Regardless don't always assume they're from the USA.

Not to mention that there are many fml's that actually happened a long time ago, but they're forced to start with "today..."

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I was really hoping that there wouldn't be any dumb comments from my fellow Americans. I'm so disappointed.

#23 No I agree it's silly to assume everyone is from the US but just FYI not everyone can see country or gender so people can stop with the "are you blind there's clearly a gender symbol" or "it says UK right there" because not everyone has that option.

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Did not know that Mother's Day is on different days in different countries. The more you know.

In Australia we use the word "Mum" rather than "Mom" (like the UK) but celebrate Mothers' Day when the United States does. It's all very confusing really!

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Actually Mum is used in the U.S. as well at least it is in Maine.

Put the two halves together and make it a combined Mother's Day cake for your mom and mother-in-law.

Well, don't let him have any more, he has certainly had his fair share.

Who the **** sees two brand new cakes on a counter that they had nothing to do with purchasing or preparing and decides to just help themselves without asking anyone?? I'd make him reimburse you for the cost of the ingredients. Hope your MIL and mum are understanding and appreciative, it's the thought that counts after all.