By CassyM - 03/04/2017 10:00 - Canada - Red Deer

Today, my 2-year-old asked for cake, so I told her I would make her one. I showed her two boxes of cake and asked which one she wanted. She picked one and happily tried opening it. She'd thought a fully cooked cake is in the box. Ever tried explaining baking to a toddler? FML
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species4872 19

"Silly, mummy's got to make it first and you can help, OK" is a good start.

what's so bad about letting a toddler hold a box? it was a cardboard box, not a knife.


species4872 19

"Silly, mummy's got to make it first and you can help, OK" is a good start.

mariri9206 32

Aw, so precious!

mariri9206 32

why am I being downvoted? I'm 100% serious. That is so precious and sounds adorable!

Why were you letting a toddler fumble around with cake mix boxes? Why didn't you just hold them out and have her point?

what's so bad about letting a toddler hold a box? it was a cardboard box, not a knife.

It says she was trying to open it. Do you want to clean up cake mix when they spill it everywhere? Not to mention it says OP was having a hard time explaining they needed to bake it first which makes me think they may have had a tantrum.

I did let her point. Then she reached up and took it.

I have been there, also when you ask if they want toast or grilled cheese and then they get upset when you have to cook it first. It's cute but exasperating.

my goodness I feel bad for you ladies having to deal with meltdowns over cooking time. I forced my kid to help me cook and now she wants nothing to do with the kitchen, but understands that she has to wait for food. it took like a week. also, I'm not being preachy, just sharing what helped my sanity. every mom is the shitiest mom in the world, or at least feels like they are on occasion.

I'd be inconsolable if I had to wait 45 minutes for cake.

Yes and it's really not that hard. "Sweetie, this is not a cake, mommy has to make the cake before you can eat it." You can let her watch you make the cake, that's how my mother taught me and my brothers most things. And that also teaches her patience in the process. It's hard for a kid to understand they can't have everything immediately unless you show them.

She eventually understood after some sad faces and whimpering. I showed it to her in the oven and told her it was cooking and was too hot. She was good about letting it cool so I could ice it, which probably took longer than baking it.

Well.. I grew up thinking that cakes were made from eggs, flour, sugar etc... not from boxes anyway. Silly me! Someone should have explained what baking actually was to me!

Explaining baking to a toddler is pretty easy. It's called baking with a toddler.

I did not want her playing with raw eggs or oil (she thinks the oil jug is apple juice). Honestly it was 3 ingredients and a dangerous hand mixer. If she was older, sure. As for baking from scratch, I could have but I had cake mixes in the cupboard that needed to be used before expiring. Icing was from scratch.

Aight. Here's how this toddler thing works sometimes, for those of you who haven't had the experience:...Parent- *starts to do a thing with/for toddler that toddler was excited about*....Toddler- *wigs out* "That's not how I expected X to go!"...Parent- "This is how X works, see?"...Toddler- "I reject your reality and substitute my own."