Who said life was better before ?

By none - 17/01/2009 23:35 - United States

Today, was just like almost every for the past few months; I slept till 1 p.m., smoked cigarettes, jerked off, went to the store to get coffee, smoked more cigarettes, and sat in my room alone until 4 a.m., jerking off and smoking cigarettes. FML
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moving away from jersey would help too

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Or you could just kill yourself. I mean why waste a life? You could be learning something or helping others but it's all about entertaining you. YDI no matter how you got there.

In this case Internet would lead to more jacking off

hahaha #3 has a point. seriously, if you're that upset about it...jerk off somewhere more exciting. the bedroom can get old lol but really, you're not the only one so don't feel too bad. my ex is probably doing the exact same thing, just have fun. if it doesn't feel good, make it feel good.

Whats with the ex comment? You're trying to insult him on FML but no one knows him or you.. What's the point?

hahahaha. smoking weed would be more fitting

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I'm thinking the same thing..... FYL

That will make it more fun anyday, and actually healthierthan cigarettes

127 - Healthier? You mean, not as bad. Smoking marijuana is still worse than not.

I agree, your life sounds like it sucks, and I sympathize with you for that. But I also agree with everyone else who has posted, and will post, saying that you have to turn it around yourself. Tomorrow, while you're out getting coffee and cigarettes, ask for an application. And on your way home, look in shop windows to see if anyone has a hiring sign. And when you get home grab a newspaper and search for job openings there. And if you can't get a job, at least get yourself out of the house - go to a bar or something, at least you'll meet people there.

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throw in a little booze and weed, and your life's perfect!

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ok this is what you do call a dealer, get some weed some brownie mix grind the weed so it looks shred make brownie mix put weed into mix now this is important stir good bake and enjoy

get a hobby. knitting is fun. or a girlfriend, if only to avoid the hand cramp.