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By  GamerChickxoxo  |  16

for the price of 2 packs you could start your own infinite supply.

-Amazon and ebay carry tobacco seeds
-amazon,ebay, and loacl smoke shops sell cigarette tubes as cheapo as $2 for 200 empty tubes
Tobacco is extremely easy to grow and has a nice fragrance -especially if grown indoors
-i grew (virginia gold) in my first apartment,and on my deck, ended up with enough extra to give a bag of cured tobacco to all my neighbors.
For the price of 2 packs of smokes you can get tobacco seeds and 1000 tubes.
200 000 seeds -around $10 is enough to plant 2 acres of land so thatll last you awhile
then just harvest the seeds off the mature plants
hang tobacco to cure-dries and darkens
Once the small seedlings start to grow its very hard to kill them,and not much eats them if grown outdoors

-its extremely toxic to animals and children if the uncured/fresh leaves are ingested

-the nicotine is sticky on the leaves and can actually poison you from handling the plants without proper gloves -i recommend thick work gloves if you are handling pounds of tobacco