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Today, I left my dog in the car while I quickly ran into a store. I came out to a woman smashing at my window, screaming that it was too hot in the car for the dog and saying I was being inhumane. The car was still running and the air conditioning was on. FML
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fieldhockeygal97 19

Sue her for damages and call the police!

Greatesteever 1

Lol she really thought she was saving the dog.


fieldhockeygal97 19

Sue her for damages and call the police!

PulseShock 9
SkyGuy32 17

Assuming that OP didn't let the person get away.

Yea, I agree with #1 and sue the **** out of her if she caused any damage to your car! My dog has severe desperation anxiety and has to go EVERYWHERE with us, so he has to stay in the car a lot of the time, but we either leave the windows cracked if its under 10 minutes or run out and start the car every 15 minutes or just leave the car running with the AC cranked. Most people take better care of their dogs than their dogs.

86, people take better of their dogs than their dogs? o_o

86,99- Yeah I'm one of those people that take better of my dog than my dog.

rahulcool7 14

As much as you want to sue, just ask for enough to repair it, suing is a selfish thing to do in this situation.

like smashing OPs car window like a ******* idiot wasn't just as selfish, and just a tad rude?

Her heart was in the right place though, she saw a dog alone in a car, clearly didn't think about anything besides getting it out. Simply asking enough to repair would be the mature thing to do and if she refuses then bring in the law, do whatever you want. ^_^

Don't get me wrong, 180, but you have to be a ******* idiot to not realize that the dog is not being overheated and that the car is turned on.

kittykat1501 31

#99, #86 means that most people take better care of the dogs than the dogs themselves do

Greatesteever 1

Lol she really thought she was saving the dog.

Damian95 16

What actually happened is she proved she was dumber than the dog.

She probably just scared OPs dog, good work stupid lady. Good intentions but it would be obvious if the car was still running.

I get the fact you shouldn't leave them for an hour in summer, but the fact you can't now leave the for 5 minutes is getting ridiculous. I now worry people will get shirty when I'm nipping into a toilet or paying for petrol.

I once had my dog tied up outside the supermarket (I was only inside for about 15 minutes, buying bloody dog food) and when I came back out my dog was gone, and there was a note tacked to the pole saying "I waited hours for you to come back, but I couldn't stand it any longer, I suggest you think more carefully about your dog's possible feelings of abandonment next time" and a phone number that turned out to be the tip-line for the ASPCA.

@104 That's horrible. Did you ever get your dog back?

what the flying **** #104. thats terrible. what happened after that?

I had to call the cops and give them the note, but for some unknown reason they were unwilling to believe he had been dog-napped, and thought I wrote the note myself! Eventually they checked the supermarket security camera's, but we had no idea who or where she was until a checkout girl spotted her coming into the store a few months later having tied my dog up outside!! She gave me a call and I was waiting outside to collect Cedric, needless to say the evil old hag denied all knowledge and claimed this was 'Sprinkles' I've never wanted to punch someone quite so much in my life, however as soon as I called the cops in front of her she hurried off home minus sprinkles! This is what I get for shopping at Whole-Foods I guess.

I'm not surprised, I would have been furious myself. I'm just glad you got your dog back.

So am I, as is my 3 year old son who was heartbroken when he went missing! He's very jealous because he thinks that Cedric was 'on holiday' for all that time.

Girreth 7

That was a great story. I enjoyed it more than the FML.

She wanted to be a righteous ******* hero, goddamn I hate people who pull that shit when they don't know what they're doing. Suggestion: If any of you end up having to leave your dog/child/grandparent locked in a car for a few minutes, leave a note in the windshield saying "BACK IN 5 MINS- A/C IS ON" to try and warn off the dipshit wannabe superheros.

cryssycakesx3 22

to be fair, if circumstances are different and, say, you didn't have your a/c on, no one knows how long the dog is in there.

OP is lucky that the woman did not take off with their car and the dog.

People these days think it's such an issue to leave a dog in a car for ten-fifteen minutes. Shit, when I was younger Id get left in the car for a half an hour or so, with the dog, and we both turned out fine.

gameofthrones_fml 12

One time this lady came up to me just as I parked and banged on my window (while I was on the phone)! She insisted that I trade parking spots with her because mine was in the shade. She explained how her dog needed it while she shopped, which was reasonable. However she then demanded I give her what she wanted because "she was a former astronaut, so I needed to respect her". People these days...

PrincessLiLi_fml 7

#18, a Dog's body temperature is a lot higher than a human's. They also retain more heat than we do. If it is over 70 degrees Outside, it's too hot to leave your dog in the car. Also, I'm sorry your parents left you in hot cars for extended periods of time.

38 - He wasn't looking for condolences from people about his parents leaving him in the car, he's just pointing out there's nothing wrong with it unless its smoldering outside and animals are left in for ridiculous amounts of time. Little doggy should be good in the back seat for 15 minutes.

#74 exactly. I'm also saying what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and if your taking your dog out it's probably a lot happier getting a fun car ride even if it has to sit in the car for a bit than it would be waiting home alone. And I'm a she :).

was it the same astronaut that drove to Orlando wearing diapers to pepper spray the girlfriend of the man she wanted?

I can see where she's coming from but since the air was running that just makes her a total douche. Like #1 said, I would sue her for damages

To be fair, she didn't really have any way of knowing that the air conditioning was on. But yes I would sue or press charges or something

You've obviously never been outside of a running vehicle.. its loud. you can tell when the air is on.

How would she not know the air conditioner was not on? I would think that would be why the car was running.

SkyGuy32 17

Well in my experience it's fairly easy to tell if a car is running, and usually when a car is running the AC is on.

car is on =/= air conditioning is running one might ASSUME it was, but how do you know for sure?

Well let's take a moment to think about this. Usually, there's this great little button labeled "AC" that lights up when it's on. The lady could have taken a few seconds to look at it before she decided to try and wreck OP's car. Ever think of that?

why the **** are you still thumbing me down? I ******* conceded, the woman was in no way justified in smashing OP's window. what the **** is wrong with you? is this just another instance of mob mentality taking over? goddamn I hate this community. end rant, bury comment, whatever.

I regret posting the previous comment now

95-I would regret it too, that was pretty pathetic. Besides, your entire point is moot for the simple fact that she jumped to conclusions without thoroughly evaluating the situation. If I see a baby by itself in a car, I'm not going to automatically assume "BABY IN DANGER! QUICK, SOMEONE ALERT THE AUTHORITIES WHILE I SMASH IN THE WINDOW!" First, I'll see if the windows are cracked for ventilation. If it's hot to the point that open windows make no difference, then I'll see if the parents/guardians are in the immediate vicinity. If not, then and only then will I alert officials. And even then, unless the child/pet is in immediate mortal danger, I'm not going to play the ******* hero and smash in a window--potentially causing more harm than helping--and try and reach them. I'll get the **** out of the way and let the professionals do their jobs. So no, there is no justifiable reason why that woman should've been caving in OP's window, especially if they were gone for such a short amount of time. EDIT: Shit, that ended up being a longer response than I intended. TL;DR: Though the woman may have had good intentions, she should've evaluated the situation better before reacting how she did.

Someone getting butt hurt over being down voted to oblivion always puts a smile to my face. Everyone has their bad moments when commenting, but to rage about it is one of the most pitiful things.

I'm guessing she didn't see the puddle of water coming out from under the car...

fuzz... put your hand on the window. if it's cold (or more cold than the outside air temp), the ac is on.

She was outside of the car, there was no possible way of knowing except for the car running. In which she was worried about the dog so she probably didn't Even care.

perdix 29

You probably didn't have it on cool enough for the dog. If you set it to 78 degrees F or higher, you are a cruel master!

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I don't think people understand humor or sarcasm

Or 22, people got the sarcasm and they didn't like it.

implying that it's possible to convey sarcasm through text alone

SkyGuy32 17

Yes, I find it absolutely completely impossible to convey sarcasm through text. That's just utterly ridiculous and stupid, I can't believe anyone could even contemplate trying to use sarcasm through text. Sorry if that seemed ride, I was attempting to make it sound sarcastic.

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

you know, watching people make grammatical mistakes correcting someone gets me all happy I'm not as stupid. and the paragraph is ironic for you two who didn't understand

103- You didn't capitalize any of the words at the beginning of your sentences. So stop acting "holier than thou".

Beatlemaniac815 7

What is this? A perdix comment got buried?

First DocBastard and now perdix! What is happening to the world!?

Some people don't have common sense. Just make her pay for the damages.

Sure. Call the police. It is against the law in most places to leave animals in the car. It is also against the law (in some jurisdictions) to leave your car running unattended. It increases the likelihood of theft.

Haha, don't know where you live buddy but none of those are illegal. Saying it's illegal to leave your car running unattended is like saying it's illegal to leave your wallet at a bar. Increases likelihood of theft? What are you on?

sleepinginclass 8

Actually, where I live, you can be ticketed for leaving your car running for just a moment to run in to a convenient store or some place like that. While I do agree, it seems like your own problem to deal with, they enforce it.

Its illegal to leave the car on unattended in alaska. But they give you leeway if its cold enough that you wouldn't be able to turn it back on.

You know I've heard that but I've never once had a cop say anything and I've watched plenty of cops do it.

82, are you TRYING to be a complete douchenozzle? It is illegal in a lot of places to leave your dog in the car alone and to leave your car running, unattended. I know for a fact that is is illegal in the state of Tennessee to leave your dog in the car unattended because it gets hotter than balls there. Maybe you should look it up before making a complete ******** out of yourself.

In Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio (and possibly other states) it is illegal/you can be cited for leaving your car running unattended. Know your facts before you say someone is wrong.

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Lizardgirl 7

What do you want OP to do? Let their dog run loose around the store? Seeing as how it was a short trip it seems reasonable to leave the dog in an air conditioned car for a short period of time

ginawater19 13

Bitch you're ******* dumb. That's not animal cruelty. It's the same as leaving your child in the car while its running to go pay for gas. I'm sure her dog was in a world of hurt from not having her owner be in the car. Wow. The dog will be fine!

SkyGuy32 17

That poor dog is dying! Don't you know that if dogs are left at room temperature without their owner they have a quick but painful death? It's just so cruel!

I've also heard if dogs are left out in a car during a sunny day too long they'll spontaneously combust! OP, you're so inconsiderate! Dogs have feelings too!

Tbh, I could never leave my dog in a running car because I'd be too scared that someone would steal my car (and my dog). :(

nurchok 15

I think if your dog was in the car, no one would try to steal the car :)

mansen 15

Really? So, if I took one of my 5 pets to the vet which is a fair distance away from my home, actually in the city just outside the town I live in, then have to go pick up my kids at daycare and school in the since the vet appointment was right before I had to pick up my children, what would you suggest I do? Or if I had to go get dog or cat food after or other such things??? I leave them in the suv with the ac or heat on depending on the weather, with the temperature set, and lock the doors. I have a code to enter my vehicle so no problems on that end. Cats would be in a kennel so not roaming freely. The mastiff at very back of vehicle so unable to roam to front and accidentally do anything to move vehicle, chihuahuas just sleep on the seats. So animal cruelty? No. Taking care to ensure they have comfort in temperature settings if I have to do an errand, and only do this if I have no other choice because I really do not like leaving them in my vehicle, the hair, the slobber, and in the mastiffs case, the slobber, the hair and the farts. Sometimes you have to bring them with you and you do what you can to keep them safe. Like the OP did. Pretentious judging much?

cryssycakesx3 22

unless it's an emergency, you can take them home.

That_Korean_Kid 4

That lady was pretty inhumane for leaving her probable 20 dogs alone while smashing your window in

SkyGuy32 17

Maybe a pet alligator. I heard somewhere they liked the insides of their mouths scratched. Thanks for the info DocBastard!