By need an appendickectomy - 17/03/2013 20:12 - Finland

Today, I found out my boyfriend has been cheating on me for months. It all started while I was in the hospital, he says, because we were supposed to go out that day, but then I "had to go and get sick". He blames my emergency surgery for his infidelity. FML
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If that's his excuse, he isn't worth it.

OP I am terribly sorry but you can do way better. Leave him and find someone who is more considerate. Also hope you feel well again soon despite many things being shitty.


If that's his excuse, he isn't worth it.

Oh, but if he had a better one he would be? There is NO excuse.

Everyone has one, and they're all full of shit.*

I'm just curious what OP's excuse is for getting sick though.

39- "I had to get surgery because my appendix burst" or something along those lines.

39- hopefully it wasn't a c-section

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not but OP gives us a pretty good idea with her username.

Touché..yeah I was being sarcastic, and yeah I also missed the user name. Was using the site for the first time today and still getting used to it looking slighty different than the app :p

It states in her post why she was "sick" she had surgery maybe you need glasses or something or maybe you just need to actually need to pay attention.

Glasses don't make you pay attention, they merely improve sight

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She used the connective OR, implying that there was a choice of reasons the poster might not have seen the reason for OPs surgery.

I concur... There is no excuse, absolutely no excuse for cheating on anyone. P.S. Hope you get well soon.

OP I am terribly sorry but you can do way better. Leave him and find someone who is more considerate. Also hope you feel well again soon despite many things being shitty.

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Time for a new boyfriend..

As clearly stated 21.

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Excuses Excuses! Dump his ass you deserve someone to be there for you especially when in the hospital.

what a piece of shit. Dump his sorry ass, work on your health and get a new, nice man who will take care of you.

Or or a dog those are very loyal, just buy them food and give them love. :D Edit: Yeah leave his as well then buy dog.

I wonder how people are so stupid. Thank goodness I've yet to meet someone as dumb and insensitive as him. Move on OP, you don't deserve someone like him.

He better be an ex by now.. You deserve better than his stupidity.

I agree wholeheartedly. This may sound harsh but if you are still with him you're as silly as he is. Don't enable his infidelity he will just think it's ok to do to the next girl!

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The sad thing, unfortunately, is that many women either don't think they can do better because all the choices they make provides them with men who cheat, or they're afraid to be on their own...

This is why we need more male nurses!

Why? So she can be as bad as he is?

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I don't really understand how a nurse has anything to do with this...? Good try, I suppose.

I completly and utterly bombed that one. In my mind I made it out that he got himself a super sexy nurse while OP was in the hospital, and a male nurse would have been better for various reasons. Sorry for the long, excruciating comment.

Okay. I'm glad you explained, because now I don't think you're a sexist jackass.

Drop his ass stat

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Haha, I see what you did there!

Clear! The room of all his belongings, and hook yourself up to life support to get over him.

Wow! What a rude guy! He should have gome to the hospital with you, imstead of.cheating on you! This man has no.geelings. But stay cool, someday you'll find somebody that really loves you.

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I'd tell him to get the hell out of my life before he needs emergency surgery to remove my foot from ass…

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