By FunGhoost - 20/02/2015 13:35 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I woke up to a phone with most of my female contacts missing. I think I'm dating a psycho. FML
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You mad, bro?

I'm glad this comment was so fun to help that along. :)

expecting you to see a lot of down votes. Haha But seriously I think we'll stick with FML as Fuck My Life. And tbh. the "you mean your ex" is overused a lot. But to see this I'm laughing.

Finally someone gets it!

I completely agree with you (minus the change fml to fun my life instead of fuck my life)

Why so serious #1?

Holy shit brodawg! You have -145 downvotes! Daaaaaaaaayyyyuuuuuuuum!

How about be quiet ffs.

Get out while you can

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Men are not your personal slaves

#114, are you sure? Because I'm not sure that anyone likes to date the type that are psychos... but maybe that's just me.

True #114 : they're called "masochistes"...

You mam are fucked in the head

If you're that insecure that you have to delete nearly all female contacts on your partner's phone without their permission then you need to reevaluate your own mentality. Definitely follow #2s advice, OP

114 - your also fucked, then

@114 do you have any idea of what a healthy relationship is?

you got your own overly attached girlfriend

Bitches me crazy

#126 - Bitches all me crazy!

Run and don't look back

I think that's a symptom of them being bat-crap crazy. In clinical terms.

Yeah. I think it's time to 'Delete' and 'Block' her.

block then delete

No, #116, I'm pretty sure it's 'Delete' and then 'Block' just like #8 said.

More like 'Delete' or 'Exterminate'. Save someone else the trouble of having to deal with her.

In many cases, 'block' action includes an automatic 'delete' action.

I thought the FML was going to end with "I live alone."

I felt the same way!

This alternate ending gets my vote! ... I'm now a little creeped out.

You should probably talk to her about this. Because she is probably texting more boys than just you.

not necessarily. .. some women just have insecurities and as a result control their man.

#117: You say that like it makes that behaviour okay somehow.

Her name is 1personismyworld. For some reason I don't think this means Jesus. I've read many of your comment ma'am and I'm truly concerned at your perception on what is healthy in relationships , or life in that matter. To each there own .

Is your Mom still on there?

Sucks for you! gl with that