Toxic Managers

By impishsamaritan - 07/09/2019 22:00

Today, I had to pretend in front of our director that my manager is a nice person. In reality, she's a soul-sucking bully who has made my life so miserable that twice I was on the brink of nervous breakdown. FML
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You should tell your director that.

childlessmother 16

Why pretend don’t let them bully you into not saying. Trust me


Just pretend your dick is your soul and that should fix everything. YWIA

You should tell your director that.

Gotta learn those workaround, back-handed compliments so it sounds somewhat good but the manager knows it's true meaning!

That is a terrible way to get your point across and just makes you look petty. Just ask for a moment to talk with the director alone and be specific.

You can be honest without harming your job... You definitely don't have to say he's nice.

childlessmother 16

Why pretend don’t let them bully you into not saying. Trust me

Why are you pretending? Do something about it instead of putting up with it. Nothing wrong with going over his head if there is a problem. I did it with my last manager, long story short he doesn't work for the company anymore and now I'm the manager.

Traveling_Book 9

Wouldn’t your director be someone you want to tell how awful she is? Most companies have a policy against retaliation so if she really is as awful as you say do something about it.

just smack the cunt

do not do that otherwise you are contributing to the problem by allowing the manager to abuse thrir power

And the reason you didn't tell your director AND HR this is WHY...?