By impishsamaritan

Toxic Managers

Today, I had to pretend in front of our director that my manager is a nice person. In reality, she's a soul-sucking bully who has made my life so miserable that twice I was on the brink of nervous breakdown. FML
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  Lurker1  |  9

That is a terrible way to get your point across and just makes you look petty. Just ask for a moment to talk with the director alone and be specific.

By  Lurker1  |  9

Why are you pretending? Do something about it instead of putting up with it. Nothing wrong with going over his head if there is a problem. I did it with my last manager, long story short he doesn't work for the company anymore and now I'm the manager.

By  Traveling_Book  |  9

Wouldn’t your director be someone you want to tell how awful she is? Most companies have a policy against retaliation so if she really is as awful as you say do something about it.