By Evjoel - 28/06/2016 10:34 - Bermuda - Hamilton

Today, whilst making a cake for my kids, I accidentally got some cocoa powder in my nose. Now it feels like my nose is burning stronger than the fires of hell. On the bright side, everything smells like chocolate. FML
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Your boogers should taste sweeter too.

Have you tried saline spray? That could help wash out your nose


Your boogers should taste sweeter too.

Firstly, that's disgusting! Secondly, cocoa powder is actually quite bitter, like dark chocolat.

sylvienoir 18

yeah chocolate is only sweet when you add sugar and cream. cocoa powder tastes like shit on its own

Have you tried saline spray? That could help wash out your nose

tantanpanda 26

Just squirt hot milk up your nose and you'll have yourself a hot chocolate. Foolproof

Just make sure it isn't normal water otherwise there's a chance amoebas could crawl into your brain and eat it. Not even joking.

WJM505 14

I'm pretty sure that's why #4 said "saline spray" and not to just spray water up OP's nose.

Focus on the bright side then everything will be okay

Netty Pot + cocoa powder = hot chocolate :)

ABlindMan 17

Snorting cocoa is actually a new fad in Europe. By your description of burning like hell I can't imagine how it'd be enjoyable though. FYL OP

Someone should edit Scarface to replace the piles of cocaine with cocoa powder.

How do you accidentally Snort cocoa powder?

I doubted they purposely snorted it. Since it's a powder, some of the 'dust' of it had probably flown up OP's nose without them realizing it until they sniffed.