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Today, while waiting in the queue at a supermarket checkout, my three-year-old daughter yells out, "Mom! Mom! Is that a man or a lady in front?" Embarrassed, I reply, "Honey, can't you see that it's a... it's a... a..." FML
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The lack of a gender icon just makes this FML better.


thejewishfuhrer 17

And then start shaking the baby?

You know... Or you could not shake the baby. Please tell me you don't have a kid...

incoherentrmblr 21

This is more androgynous than David Bowie...

I would have tapped the person and told my kid to repeat their question

Or OP could've just said, "That's rude" in a nice way to her daughter.

The lack of a gender icon just makes this FML better.

Too bad the FML says the daughter asked her "mom".

euphoricness 28

Maybe OP got a sex change after this event so that she could make that person feel better!

japanese in general problems. you walk into a Kei style club and you'll only be able to tell about 1/3 of the people's genders based solely on looks alone.

Oh god, #111, why would you remind us of that?

Well I guess it was Haruhi (Ouran host club)

Don't forget Hydeyoshi (baka and test). Mega trap!

SlyFox358 10

I honestly have no clue what u guys are saying, and I like anime... :3

**** OP's life? more like **** that persons life.

So true, it's a double damn if you stump the parent trying to correct the child who is confused.

Unless the person in the line is gender queer. Meaning, they don't identify with either boy or girl. Then they achieved their goals.

Well they might be androgynous and have no preferred gender. You never know.

Thank you #20. I am genderqueer and we're often overlooked or misunderstood.

#68 You're welcome! All gender identities need to be acknowledged. It's usually lack of education. If it weren't for my transgender partner, I would have never looked into genders. One day, dear. (: The world is making progress.

Sometimes, it's really hard to tell. At least, if you pick one and run with it, you have a fifty percent chance of being right.

No, in that case, it's an automatic win.

Karcasm 7

Or a fifty per cent chance of being wrong. :(

Bigfabthetruth52 22

I would of have said they're a human being just like we are sweetheart.

Bigfabthetruth52 22

@ # 98,so what is this third obvious gender you've seemed to just discover?

nhi1221 9

I almost got my ass beat for that

Kallian_fml 21

Apparently, in your 3-year-olds defense, it was a legitimate question.

LittleRed79 39

Haha! That's exactly where I went too #8. Thanks for not making me feel so old! :)

ktiskool 18

You should have said it's a she-male!

hunts19ketchup 23

Yeah, because thats really the kind of thing you want your three year old running around saying....

hopefully they were a kind person and didn't become upset