By davincidasecond - 05/11/2013 05:59 - United States - West Orange

Today, my brother and I got into an intense argument that ended up with us trading blows and having the cops called on us. Apparently I was "insulting his intelligence" by trying to explain that you don't make buttermilk by putting butter in milk. He's 18. FML
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This is OP. So to clear things up, neither of us really got into to much trouble, we just got off with a warning. The argument started off with the buttermilk issue and then touched on other personal issues (that I won't disclose), which is why the argument got so heated. One thing led to another, I shoved him, he punched me, i retaliated, etc. and soon enough the cops knocked on our door because neighbors called about a noise disturbance, not because we started to get physical. We usually butt heads about stupid things but this is the only time it got so bad. I take 100% responsibility for what I did, yes, it was stupid, and I completely deserve it. He and I apologized to each other and put it behind us, even though I'm annoyed at the busted lip he gave me, lol.

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I feel this could have been settled without hitting each other.

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It's too bad that he churned your butter... FYL indeed, OP


tpm45 25

It's too bad that he churned your butter... FYL indeed, OP

Did you win the fight, Op? Cuz if you did, you'd be able to milk that for bragging rights

Maybe OP doesn't care about bragging. He just can't be buttered.

It's no use crying over spilt milk, boys.

JMichael 25

I feel this could have been settled without hitting each other.

But then it wouldn't have been as manly duh. /sarcasm

I just hope the butter and milk made an appearance somewhere in the fight. Now that would be something to explain to the cops.

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It's just something that brothers do. Today I'm actually sporting a wee bit of a shiner and a busted lip from fighting with my brother yesterday. It wasn't over something as stupid as this, but it was completely necessary either.

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SOME people really do need the shit beat out of them sometimes.

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And I said "oh lord Jesus it's two brothers fighting over butter milk" and I ran for my life. I didn't grab no shoes or nothing.

Ahahah. Why thank. It's a little backwards though, but whateves, that's just how we roll. Besides, most things on FML are backwards.

So, how come me and cheshirecat get downvoted, but a comment that is for exactly the same thing gets special treatment??

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I was wondering the same thing.. How is it that the reference that started a small chain of mostly thumbs up comments get highly buried..? eh.. Screw it

I was wondering that too. only thing I can think of is that I made my comment specifically for the FML. While your comments were generic. I don't doubt if I had posted the saying properly, I would have been downvoted too. Also my dp makes it okay for me to continue the chain.

I would say 50/50 on this one, yes your brother is stupid, but if decayed into actual physical violence and you went along with it without trying to stay off of the fight, it is kind of immature, unless, of course, he started to get aggressive the moment you told him what he couldn't do. If the latter applies, definitely FYL.

It's both YDI and FYL, why would you continue fighting over buttermilk?

Well when one brother is a dumbass, and starts a fight you can't just back down. If you do then you are a little bitch (brotherly logic). And if the brother makes first attempt at contact turning the other cheek doesnt make you a man, it makes you the guy with the busted lip and black eye.

saucyrossi 18

Siblings get into stupid fights, believe me I know... My brother and I almost had a fist fight over the last Oreo

That's actually understandable. Oreos are worth it.

It's true if you're a sibling you're gonna have stupid fights, if not than I got bad news!! You're adopted!!!

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One does not simply give up his last Orero.

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#6 That's not stupid. Its an Oreo.

The two things worth getting into a fight over... Oreos and bacon.

Altie 13

That's a pretty dumb thing to fight about..

Did you really have to fist fight him? You could have just googled it.

Hmmmmm..... Hopefully you have learned to stop fighting from this experience. Having the cops called on you is never any fun.