By dkajxu - Singapore
Today, while studying in the middle of the night, my dad came home drunk. I helped him to the sofa and after clearing up his mess, he started going on about how useless my sister Vanessa was, and how good a daughter I am. I am Vanessa. FML
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  GmanG  |  0

Maybe, because you cleaned after him and stuff - he mixed you 2 up and thought it was you sis... Plus he was drunk...

P.S.Fucking looool at #25 "i'd says HE is a pretty good daughter"

  maybeline412  |  0

lol.i called my dad da other day n he replied wit "wat da hell do u want?" then went on wit im sorry i thought it was ur sis mabel.i am mabel.n he was sober.ur not alone :)

  juicyjay00  |  0

ehhh. honestly, he's the one thats a parent and drunk in the middle of the night. i'd say fuck what he says, he's the useless one. not you. you were up for a good cause, studying. and you cleaned after him? i would have thrown a fit if my dad said that.

By  Uvula  |  0

Vannesa IS useless, you could be helping your father with something right now but you decided to spend it on FML to make you feel better about yourself.