By dkajxu - 12/08/2009 12:57 - Singapore

Today, while studying in the middle of the night, my dad came home drunk. I helped him to the sofa and after clearing up his mess, he started going on about how useless my sister Vanessa was, and how good a daughter I am. I am Vanessa. FML
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Wow.... Your dad must suck

I think he's more likely to mess up the names than the faces.


Wow.... Your dad must suck

no, SHE sucks. obviously she's not a very good daughter in comparison to her sister otherwise he wouldn't have said all that. >:U

I'm calling it fake.. I've seen the exact same thing posted a couple months ago.. FAKE!!!!

I know huh, because this kind of thing can only happen to one person right?

Maybe, because you cleaned after him and stuff - he mixed you 2 up and thought it was you sis... Plus he was drunk... P.S.Fucking looool at #25 "i'd says HE is a pretty good daughter"

maybe just because he was drunk he thought that the daughter helping him wasnt vanessa so he said that vanessa was useless

lol.i called my dad da other day n he replied wit "wat da hell do u want?" then went on wit im sorry i thought it was ur sis mabel.i am mabel.n he was sober.ur not alone :)

I'm new to trolling so imma try it. YDI FOR BEING VENESSA

ehhh. honestly, he's the one thats a parent and drunk in the middle of the night. i'd say fuck what he says, he's the useless one. not you. you were up for a good cause, studying. and you cleaned after him? i would have thrown a fit if my dad said that.

You obviously deserve it with a name like Vanessa... ah duh

YDI for being VENESSA! The nerve of some people.

thats exactly what i thought.

Wow, your dad must have been really drunk not to realize that you're Vanessa. Your Dad is kind of a jerk for saying that though...

Vannesa IS useless, you could be helping your father with something right now but you decided to spend it on FML to make you feel better about yourself.

nobody likes u

She already helped him get up and clean his mess, which she probably didn't have to. And what were you doing? Commenting on FML

Drunks say the darndest things.

.. atleast now you know what he thinks of you?

I think he's more likely to mess up the names than the faces.


speak for yourself i proudly drank around 20 shots total and still remembered the whole night.

Stop being so useless.

YDI for carying about what a drunk person says