By Anonymous - 09/03/2011 09:52 - India

Today, while stuck in a traffic jam, my son silently changed my gear to reverse. FML
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lol! the silent treachery of the young...

coconutClaire 1

if your son is too young to understand why he shouldn't do that then he's too young to be sitting in the front seat. ydi


lol! the silent treachery of the young...

Haha pretty good on the kids part but fyl tht sucks! Haha the little fellers r sneaky buggers 0.0

You can tell this is a lie because you need your foot on the clutch

twinny_sc 13

27, You only need your foot on the clutch if the car is a stick shift. If the car is automatic then all you need to shift gears is have your foot on the break and it's obvious that's what happened.

good lord 17, eat a damn hamburger or something you look sickly skinny. that's nasty.

madibby298322 0

There should be rules if your going to let a kid sit in the front.

Haha agreed, kids under 12 shouldn't sit in the front seat

In some places there are rules for this. In Australia, there are restrictions on children under the age of seven being in a front passenger seat.

They should either be so young they could sit in backwards baby seats, or too old to something that stupid

The problem with backwards baby seats in the front is if the airbags go off, it can hit the seat and kill the kid. The Australian rule is kids under 4 can't be in the front if the car has back seats, and 4-7 can't be in the front if there are any back seats without kids under 7 already in them. They all have to use capsules, baby seats or boosters depending on their age.

Damn! Sucks to b u right now! Thats ****** up.....

yeah it's totally ****** up, I mean a kid who does something he isn't supposed to, right? right?

isn't that kind of impossible....cuz ur foot has to be on the brake in order to change gears

108 if u didnt want ur car to roll forward ur foot would be on the brake

And also on some cars you can do it without your foot on the brake

ulicksam 0

What the hell were you doing that you couldn't see someone change the gears? YDI.

fromthesuck 8

um... maybe it was an automatic?

Even so. Gear shifts are placed where the driver can easily get to them. My truck (manual) and car (automatic) had them in the same place. I can't imagine anyone could move them without the driver's notice unless that driver was completely absorbed in something else. OP, YDI.

ad when u change gears on an automatic u can feel the car jolt

if you are looking strait forward you cannot see the gear shift stick on a manual transmission

I did that once. your son is awesome.

Retard, do you realize you could make your dad lose his license and the ability to drive you home from the Toy store?

u can't lose ur license for that well not in cali

You need to do something about this otherwise I can see it happening again. I would never let him sit in the front from now...

jordanprodigy023 0

How bout you silentl change it into first

coconutClaire 1

if your son is too young to understand why he shouldn't do that then he's too young to be sitting in the front seat. ydi

Well if he was in the back seat, OP is stupid for not making sure his idiot kid is buckled and sitting properly.

turtle_brigade 0

Maybe she was too busy focusing on not getting in to an accident while in a traffic jam, and the kid unhooked his seat belt? Or maybe he was sitting in the front and just wanted to be an asshole? Kids like to be assholes sometimes, no matter how well you raise them.

TwinTurbo57 0

You have got to be one of the dumbest comments I've seen. Legit, you can change gears quick if it's a short throw and the driver not even know. Granted that the OP shoulda checked they were in 1st before setting off, still... an if the son was leaning from the backseat, he obviously knew what he was doing and was old enough to know what'd happen. You fail, not OP.

omg comments are now sentient? " you have got to be one of the dumbest comments I've seen..."

apparently, your son's gears were changing as well. |the kid|