By mississippi123 - United States - Fullerton
Today, I discovered how pathetically introverted I am when during a car ride with my family, I said, "I really like this song" and my parents gasped because they didn't realize I was in the back seat. And I'm their only child. FML
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it's ok, introverts are good people and they have a lot of advantagers over extraverts. You'll find a job and excell at it, start learning PHP programming or some other stuff where you don't have to deal with ppl a lot and make shitloads of money and girls will crawl to your doorstep by themselves.. or you know.. pr0n..

but either way it's better to accept what you are than pretend to be something else and do something you are uncomfortable with just to fit in or whatever reason..

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  KiRaKaT  |  9

Yes because It's OP's fault the parents forgot they had a child old enough to not only talk but to write an FML...yea def OP's fault the parents forgot about them...