By Anonymous - 28/12/2015 15:03 - United States - Kansas City

Today, while on the road, my dad called twice before I pulled over and answered the phone. He first got mad at me for not answering, and then again later for "paying attention to my phone" while driving. FML
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Your dad is a dick

The irony.


The irony.

Your dad is a dick

At least you pulled over to take his call!

I feel like he just added this into the fml.

#26 Based on absolutely nothing whatsoever.

You can't win.

I have parents like that. Sometimes you just can't win. Better luck next time OP.

His heart may be in the right place, but his actions make him look like a phoney...

Was this intentional?

I don't think so

That sounds like a mom thing

OP, your dad is just an idiot. I feel sorry for you man

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Which is it

Do it to him too, and hope he gets pulled over >:) I'll leave now