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That's not cool. thr homeless guys life is already effed up as it is. i would let a homeless man put boogers on my bike. i would have obtained the greatest gift of all: A homeless mans laughter.

  TheDrifter  |  23

Sure op deserved it. Bicycle riding Berkeley hippies deserve anything done to them by those they advocate government programs for but refuse to personally help.

You messed with him and he's returning the favor. Should have given him the dollar.

  itzthomas  |  0


1. How do you know it's a bicycle, it could very well be a motorcycle and OP just calls it a bike.(I know people who say bike when referring to a motorcycle. For example someone I know says "Im going for a bike ride) meaning motorcycle.

2. It doesn't say anywhere in the post about not giving the homeless man money. In fact it doesn't even mention that OP previously encountered the homeless man.

But on the other hand, what your saying can be true. We will never know the full story.

  MissBunny25  |  0

38 is my hero.
hey, 34, that might work better if you offer her some candy first. then, show her your sweet ride. (by that I mean your creepy, white pedo van)