By thegreatcometofawayhamilton - 20/10/2017 01:48

Today, I twisted my ankle and fractured my wrist while dancing. I audition for a performing arts school in one week. FML
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Working your way up to breaking a leg, I see.

Surely, they’ll want you in their cast.


if you're breaking your body just dancing maybe performing arts just isn't for you.........

I disagree. I think it shows dedication and self-sacrifice.

For it even worth it..........really?

Well I guess your ankle and wrist won't be performing at this moment.

Surely, they’ll want you in their cast.

Lobby_Bee 17

send them an email. surely you can reschedule under these circumstances?

chessu 21

If it's a high demand school, they have no reason to. If this is 'the dream' for you, you're probably just going to have to pump yourself up on painkillers (I think they do a shot of some sort?) and dance through the twisted ankle and adjust your routine to take your fractured wrist into consideration. That, they surely must appreciate and if you're any good, at least give you the benefit of the doubt to pass you onto the next round.