By Anonymous - 02/11/2010 14:20 - United States

Today, I went back to work after being sick for a week. While I was gone, they hired a new manager. Trying to score bonus points, and possibly a raise, I went to shake her hand and introduce myself. Just as I was about to say "Hello, my name is-" I sneezed right in her face. FML
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starberries 0

Introducing yourself to the new manager gets you bonus points and a raise? I would have thought that was basic etiquette.

candy29 10

why didnt you just turn your head? you cant tell me you dont feel them coming


candy29 10

why didnt you just turn your head? you cant tell me you dont feel them coming


Exactly my thought.

well I guess he wanted to make a really good impression :P

nice first impression

KingDingALing 9

Maybe it was sudden?

rallets 22

"hi, my name is..hi,my name is..hi, my name is... *sneeze sneeze sneeze* ...slim shady"

Hello my name is..... Slim Shady mother ******... oh and I just gave you a cold... give me a raise bitch or next time it's herpes

same thing happened to me when I was working for Barbra Streisand, just say it was how you were brought up to meet people. just in my case it was actually how I was brought up...

I wish I could shake my boss's hand to get a raise. If that was the case I'd be rich.

daltreix 3

Why hello there Aaaaaachhhhhhhooooooakcosckoskckdlckd, how do you do?

Arsonnist 3

How do you spell that?

Ahchoo :P

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hairt 4


So....about those bonus points....

skyeyez9 24

You can feel a sneeze about to happen! You had time to turn away and sneeze. ydi

OP, when people say they like an in-your-face attitude, I don't believe that's what they meant.

DarkHelmet 10

no raise for you sneezey!!

idiot. cant you tell when a sneeze is coming? and I hope u get fired

carcinogan 0


"Need a Moment? Chew it over with TWIX"

zp5 4


DarkHelmet 10

LMAO Epic Win!!!

wwerulez14 6

He's gonna need more than a Twix to fix this lol

twinny_sc 13

That is a sign that you shouldn't be a kiss ass.

RedPillSucks 31

She might have enjoyed a sneeze up the ass.