By adrenochrome - 09/02/2009 09:21 - Lithuania

Today, I learnt that nail polish remover is, in fact, VERY flammable. And I learnt it the hard way. FML
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i guess you learnt that you can get bernt pretty easily if you dernt have a brain

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Ya, and so is gasoline for future reference. To bad you didn't die. Would have proved Darwin right.


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Today, I criticized someone's spelling in a real asshole way. Turns out, I just don't know anything about the spelling or grammar from other English speaking countries (The UK). FML

you posted an fml on someones fml on fml... is this a fail or a win?

you posted an fml on someones fml on fml... is this a fail or a win?

You posted an fml on someones fml of an fml of an fml... Ok this is getting ridiculous

haha, Jenny88. you totally owned that asshole.

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"in fact" as if it was uncertain >>hahahaha stupid #12 >>>> #6 owns

Apparently, few people on here have ever read books by British authors. Learned = American English Learnt = UK English I can't believe this was explained by an admin and people STILL don't get it!

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ha ha. so i was going to say something about the spelling && then i read all the comments, but i was thinking more of a southern accent than anything from the UK and i've read plenty of books by british authors. =]

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ok u seriously didnt know that its flammable? doesnt take that much of a brain....

Lol, my friend knew it was flammable, we put on a show for the d-bags that smoke pot and insult everyone before school in the morning. He took a mouthful of it and spit it through a lighter at the potheads and they quite literally shit a brick XD It was probably the single funniest moment of my life.

isn't it all over the label that its flammable? and i thought it was a big known fact.....