By Anonymous / Wednesday 29 August 2012 21:37 / United States
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  ecstacie  |  2

Public indecency. If your car is on public property where anyone can walk by it then yeah it's illegal.

At least you didn't get a ticket OP that's all that matters. No outrageous fines or court costs.

  AholeCop  |  11

Public Indececency/Lewd Acts generally fall under the Disorderly Conduct statute. It's like the whole "if a tree falls in the forest" thing. A police officer's peace cannot be breached, so as long as no civilians witness the act the officer wouldn't penalize the couple. (This is the same reason you're allowed to tell a cop to go F*** themself, but you legally can't say that to a stranger. Just don't use threats). The more you know.

  gman90210  |  18

Well it sounds as if the one who is going to be wearing the pants in the family had them on. But yes this is one of the best ones yet. I lmao also thanks

  absolutegrrr  |  7

I don't really understand what's wrong with this comment..? I'm guessing he's referring to either having sex in the car or wearing womens clothing. Has nobody ever said 'floats your boat' before? 'tickles your pickle' anyone? No? Or is this just a Brit thing?

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