By jessica238 - 08/04/2009 05:38 - Canada

Today, I bought a new purple shirt and decided to wear it to this charity function I was going to. I thought I looked pretty good in it. Then I got home and realized I left the sticker on. I had an "XL" sticker on my boob all night. FML
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It's better than having a "used" sticker on your ass though.

#27-Depending on where she bought the shirt, it could mean a lot of things. I'm female and I've been perfectly comfortable in a Medium in some stores, than needed a Large or X-Large in others. This also comes into play if the OP has large boobs, because it is harder to find Small or Mediums that'll accentuate that. It all depends on the manufacturer and doesn't necessarily mean that the poster is fat.


don't feel to bad about it. it happens all the time.

Definitely not a big deal! It happens to everyone, I'm sure.

maybe everyone thought you mean XL boobs?

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um depends if you're a man or a woman

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it cleary states that she's a woman

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Yeah, because an attention seeking mans name is Jessica

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You left a sticker on..... how horrible..... worst comes to worst people think your breasts are extra large. And thats nothing to complain about!

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It's better than having a "used" sticker on your ass though.

That, madam, was nothing but a big bucket of win. People may have thought you had big breasts and/or a sense of humour. Grats to you.