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By socal000 - 20/10/2011 12:04 - United States

Today, I went to the doctor for a physical. I've been sitting in the doctor's bathroom for 10 minutes now, trying to think of how to tell him I accidentally tripped and spilled my urine sample on the carpet. FML
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that1guy1 13

I would start with that. " I tripped and spilled my urine sample," seems to work well.

"Here's your urine sample" *hands over carpet*


that1guy1 13

I would start with that. " I tripped and spilled my urine sample," seems to work well.

enonymous 8

Fill the cup with poo and say thats what he asked for originally

Since when do people take urine samples at a physical? I get one every year and I've never had to provide a urine sample.

Its not that hard : "Whats up doc, have you seen my urine?" Being a doctor I think I would be amused. Ok I lied I'm not a doctor.

rexgar2000 10

damn dude.. handle that shit with care OP. I would be slightly upset if that was my carpet

karmaslave 5

14- It's common if you are on medications since some side effects show in the urine. We also don't know if the OP had some other reason for needing that checked.

just tell the doctor straight, no harm in that.

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systemofadown11 8

I hate when things like that happen lol!

SystemofaBlink41 27

I bet the doctor got pissed off!

hellbilly205 17

This isnt really an fml, like really im sure this shit happens at the doctors office all the time...

Drummerboy1234 0

Hey doc, urine need of a new carpet!

Nice 117- that actually made me laugh :)

I dropped my urine sample on the ground one time when I was around 7. Just go tell the doctor you dropped it. They don't even need it because it only says if you have diabetes or something (don't really remember it since I was 7..) but yea op u don't need to worry the pee sample isn't the main reason you're at the doctor hopefully

A lot of pre-employment physicals require blood and/or urine samples

At least it's easy to prove just tell him to smell here lol

Why would he not believe you tripped and spilt urine? Does he have trust issues?

Maybe the urine sample was for a drug test.

bitchslapped22 14

If it was for a drug test it could easily be thought as an excuse in the doctor's perspective. But seeing as it's a physical like she said, I think she's just embarressed.

IndiRae 9

Who the **** carpets a bathroom? That's about as useful as **** on a turtle.

kitsune3 20

Try reading, dude. It says OP's a man.

"Here's your urine sample" *hands over carpet*

Or cut out carpet section, squeeze it over the urine sample container, hand over to doc, get sent to the hospital for peeing out dust mites.

lakaiskate 12

I don't understand why there is carpet in a bathroom.

To soak up all the spilled urine I guess.

Who puts carpet in the bathroom? Your doctor is an idiot.

Flyersfan54 4

It doesn't say he tripped in the bathroom..

16- Seeing how bathrooms are where you pee, she was still in there thinking for an excuse.

_cassandra__fml 4

#5 is right. Doctor's offices really shouldn't have any carpets, seeing as how many sick people come through there. Chances are that a lot more "accidents" happen in there - people bleeding, throwing up, having diarrhea... Heck, if people bring along their sick kids because the whole family is suffering from mystery flu, the kids will be crawling through a carpet of germs and nastiness...

Just say it. He's a doctor... He's probably heard it at least once.

Just say it. He's a doctor... He's probably heard it at least once.

JHandAC 4

Okay, here's the plan: Grab a heavy, blunt object. Smack a hole in the wall. Throw the sample cup on the ground. When the doctor comes in tell him that a giant *insert word here* crashed through the wall, threw your urine sample on the ground, and left. If he doesn't believe you, run through the hole. It's FOOLPROOF!