By Anonymous - 23/07/2012 15:41 - United States - Apex

Today, while bussing at my restaurant job, I felt a cold, wet animal slither down my leg. I started shrieking loudly and dancing dementedly to get it off, and everyone in the restaurant turned to stare. Then I realized there was a hole in my pocket and some quarters had slid out down my leg. FML
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The heads on the coins are watching you... So were the people in the restaurant. :P

borkchop1992 15

It was stealthy pedo bear getting into your pants.


The heads on the coins are watching you... So were the people in the restaurant. :P

sorry op.. but this is actually hilarious.

OP should be happy he didn't take his pants off for the fear of being bitten by the "coin animal". Then everyone would've known Victoria's secret...

6- I've read so many FML's including much funnier ones that this is only slightly amusing

I honestly thought it was a snail. You could totally play it off that it was a snail.

But that'd be bad if they had snails in the restaurant. I feel like it just wouldn't appeal to customers...unless it was a French restaurant

How about pretending it was a snake and turning it into a pick-up line?

Am i the only one wondering why the quarters felt wet?

RedPillSucks 31

I thumbed you up cause I was wondering the same thing. What the hell is under OPs clothing that the quarters didn't just fall to the ground, AND they felt like a wet animal?

Cold metal has a tendency to feel wet.

Ah, the wild quarter strikes yet again. This small metallic beast is a shifty one, be careful for it next time OP. The effect of the touch of a primordial quarter can induce effects such as hallucination and insanity, strikingly remarkable to the described symptoms.

25- That could work. Or perhaps instead of turning it into a pickup line, they could turn it into a movie line about snakes. Hmm, maybe like "I am tired of these motherfuckin' snakes in this motherfuckin' restaurant?"... Yeah, that sounds pretty good. I think I should submit that to Samuel L. Jackson to put into one of his movies, what do you think guys?

FYL u thought somethin was on ur leg perfectly normal to freak out

Sawarski 13

Well I don't think "dancing dementedly" especially in the environment OP was in was acceptable.

Regardless of the environment, freaking out isn't smart and you should figure out what it is. What if she had a dog, and the dog was licking her leg or something?

TriflingAllDay 6

a) It is a reastaurant, no dogs. b) If by some off the wall chance it was her dog, she would be used to and aware of that sort of thing.

You'd be surprised where they let you take dogs if you just bring them without asking

borkchop1992 15

It was stealthy pedo bear getting into your pants.

Hahaha this shouldn't even be funny but it cracks me up.

HelloGuys 4

57- maybe i woulve thumbed U up if you had a pedo bear pic or name

70 - He DOES have a pedo bear pic, look a little closer next time.

Yeah. Clearing tables. No busses involved, in case you were wondering.

Hehe, I wondered what that was too, english is not my first language.

I guess something like this has happened to all of us ;) Just laugh it off and be happy it wasn't something worse...

You should patch that hole before you accidentally feel something like your keys, they can be mistaken for a lot of animals, like a crab

saIty 17

I'll bet a quarter you danced like Candace Flynn in Squirrels in my Pants.

Tell me whats making you jump like that...

SIMP Squirrels in my Pants! Wait, I don't have pants. Carry on. (edit: stupid iPod >.