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Today, while at work, I suddenly went into diabetic shock. As I was nearly passed out on the floor, a customer yelled at me for not getting his coffee in time. FML
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The customer isn't always right.


Taurusbaybe 8

The customer isn't always right.

Sorry sir, I'll remember next time. No sugar.

my father died from a diabetic shock. passed out and suffocated on a pillow last month.

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44 you are so damn annoying. have you noticed that virtually all of your comments are thumbed down? take a hint..

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36- you say you hate racist people but yet you hate Muslims. so basically you hate yourself because you are racist, asshole. oh I guess you hate yourself for being an asshole too. (for people who are wondering what the **** I'm talking about, his description)

No, but how does one not realize that their sugar is high/low (which leads to diabetic shock)? Especially if OP was low, they could have just downed a packet of sugar since he/she was getting a customer coffee.

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#54 I was confused as to where your comment came from and so I checked it out but considering all of the things #36 put down and the fact that he spells most of the words wrong I can't take any of it seriously.

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true. just needed to point out how stupid #36 is.

56 - Low. And trust me, I'm diabetic. I've had times when I'm busy and going down very fast and not realised until I'm on the verge of blacking out. At which point I then attacked my mother, who was trying to feed me some orange juice through a straw. I have no recollection of this. At other times I've had my short-term memory constantly reset, 'come to' disorientated, and a good few feet away from where I was. Its terrifying. I'd hate to be in that position and have someone yelling at me. (I'm saying this because if they were too high and went out, they would be in hospital.)

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Ha exactly, thats cold blooded

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There are times that people don't realize their sugar is low, since it can come on fast. My mother is Type 1 and once she came home from her date completely fine, and within five minutes of her date leaving her sugar dropped to the point she was stating our chihuahua was her sugar reader. I took her to the ER and when she finally got her sugar up high enough to know what was going on, she was telling me that she couldn't see my head but heard my voice and decided to trust the voice since it sounded like me. Diabetic shock is terrifying, I make sure our house carries a glucogon shot now.

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I doubt #36 is being serious about most of the things he's saying he hates. I mean this is FML people

82- ya know there ARE some people who do hate all that.

36- Nobody wants to be a Francis.

54 muslims are people whos religion is islam

Why is 33 being thumbed down? NAR is awesome (:

STOP EATING THE SUGAR OP. This is what happens when you work in a cafe in the first place, I presume.

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OP as a type 1 diabetic I am going to say you should have at some point in time explained to people the signs of low blood sugar everyone at my work knows them and how to administer my glucagon shot if need be...... But yes some people can not tell when they have low blood sugar every diabetic is different.

When my friend's blood sugar dips suddenly, he gets too fuzzy-headed to realize it and correct it. He just can't think rationally. That might've been the case here.

okay let me clear this up for people who are confused about @36 he never said he hated Muslims he said he hated radical Muslims. so stop bashing the dude if u cant even read correctly.

well he hates the middle east and Africa.... he also hates racism which makes it ironic...

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138- do you know what radical means? obviously not. it means "from the origins of" Dumbass.

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next time down a couple of the sugar packets. your boss might yell at you but your life is in danger. bc the 911 responders might be new and f up the glucose tx.

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The sugar packets don't always help in an emergency, the same thing happened to me. I feel for you OP! Diabetes sucks :(

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I think they meant, "Who the hell would do that?" Then they insinuated that only someone who lives in the north could be such a prick, which is a mistake since he himself seems to be the prick now.

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i could see that happening in New York or NJ but idk Floridas pretty bad about that too

blester259 1

I am implying that southerners have more common hospitality than that they are more respectful than Yankees

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Two kids moved to my school from the south and they are the meanest, moodiest kids at our school. We live in Pennsylvania.

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Having lived both in the north and south, I'll say this- Southerners are a lot more open about their feelings. Sometimes this makes them seem a lot nicer than people up north. Here, if someone likes you, you know it. On the other side of the same coin, when someone doesn't like you, they're a lot ruder to you than necessary. Up north, its hard to tell what a stranger thinks of you. Maybe they like you, or maybe they hate you. They don't say much about it, either way.

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you say us southerners have more hospitality and respect yet you disrespect yankees? I know some pretty rude people from Texas. not every thing can be generalized like that. yeah some times it seems like people from up north are more rude but uhm I'm not sure I buy that generalization. thanks though for making the rest of us from the south look like ignorant rude pricks though.

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I dunno. I still think in general Southerners (especially Texans) are a lot nicer. I have yet to meet a single stranger in Colorado who's as nice as anyone from Texas. And don't get me started on asshole drivers. I know we have assholes in Texas in big cities like Dallas and whatnot, but depending on where you go (especially out in smaller towns) people are way nicer.

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Ever heard of "Minnesota Nice?"

Boone is that heartless. i have met him, hes an ass.

next time you should serve the coffee before going into diabetic shock

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how tha hell OP know they were gunna go into a diabetic shock??

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Sluggishness, lethargy, dizziness. If a diabetic goes into shock they have been ignoring their condition, it's not a sudden event like an asthma attack, their blood sugar has been dropping a fair while before it gets low enough to cause them to go into shock.

106- actually some people can't tell they are having symptoms before they o into shock

Flutist 3

I was about to say what you said. A person with diabetes, unless they just gained it, should know their condition. It is not a disease that can be ignored. You monitor everything, your calories, your blood sugar level. IF you felt ill, Op then you should have had something to eat or drink--since you work in a coffee shop it wouldn't be hard to find something sweet to up your blood sugar or go into the kitchen to have something a bit healthier to eat.

In response to all those stating that the OP 'should have done this' or 'should have taken better care' or 'couldn't have been in diabetic shock'...clearly you are not completely familiar with the way diabetes can affect people. I have been a type 1 diabetic for nearly 20 years. Even diabetics who take excellent care of themselves can suffer from low or high blood sugars from time to time. Diabetes is not a disease that always follows the same pattern. Doctors frequently refer to my situation as 'brittle diabetes' because I can have extreme highs and lows without warning and for no reason. Also, when you have had diabetes for a long time, you can become less sensitive to the symptoms of highs or lows. Low blood sugars happen very quickly, and if you can't feel the symptoms, you can't react until you are at a dangerous level. OP most certainly would have been in diabetic shock...any time your sugar drops so low to cause severe symptoms like that, you are most definitely in the early stages of diabetic shock. And my guess is that OP most likely DID inform their co-workers of their condition. However, he/she certainly can't be expected to greet every customer with "Hi, my name is ____. I'm a diabetic, so if i pass out, here's what you should do...'

Mads_1234 28

I also have brittle diabetes, it can be difficult to recognize the signs of a low blood sugar sometimes. Usually the only way I can tell is if my heart is beating faster than normal, which can be hard to notice if you're at work and focusing on your job.

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Honestly people like that piss me off...

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that's why they are there for! to make an honest workers live a living hell!

perdix 29

You should have thought of that as you were packing on the pounds and giving yourself adult-onset diabetes. People who are regularly incapacitated by self-inflicted diseases are useless in menial, service-industry jobs.

you do not know if this is adult onset, nor do you know if this was self inflicted. So many people are so selfish, especially a lot of customers. Customers seem to forget people that work customer service jobs are people too.

For the record I have Type I diabetes and have been so since I was born

PSQ91 6

30, perdix was refering to type II diabetes here, so what's your point?

the point is - he is ass. he is assuming that the op is some fat person who doesn't take care of themselves. guess what skinny people get it too!

That is one of the most insensitive things I have heard. How in the hell do you know if the OP has Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes? That is incredibly ignorant to assume such a thing. Type 2 isn't just caused by being overweight, it can also be genetic or just appear due to extenuating circumstances. Some people have preexisting conditions that later cause Diabetes (Types 1 or 2) to develop. But don't be such a bigot to just assume that just because OP is Diabetic, then surely they must be some overweight, irresponsible dope.

perdix 29

Y'see, part of the fun here is assuming facts not in evidence. There's no indication in the 300-character-maximum story of how the OP got diabetes. My guess that the OP got adult-onset diabetes from obesity is as baseless as anyone else's that they were born that way (don't be a drag...). Sometimes you've just gotta make shit up.

NotAlwaysRight was just pointing out that OP did not specify which type of diabetes he has and type I is from birth. And my father was thin as rail and had type II. Since you don't have a clue, please don't use your misinformation to put down other people!

LilSideTwerk 0

he could have been born with it . or she. and she couldn't have been over weight! My Best friend has diabetes . she isn't over weight and SHE'S HEALTHY YOU LOW LIFE PRICK

because making shit up is the way to go?? I think not.

KiddNYC1O 20

You guys clearly don't know Perdix. Respect.

I agree with 86. You pricks must be new.. Just freakin chill.

TheDrifter 23

The new kids have no sense of humor. According to google 2/3 of of all diabetes cases are caused by obesity. I would also hope, for the sake of the gene pool, that someone who has had a condition since birth would know enough to not get to a life threatening state of self neglect.

15- go to hell dueshbag grow the **** up and quit being an ass

108- that is so not true so quit being an ass

68- I have diabetes and almost went into shock 6 times you don't have to be born with it my friend just got diagnosed a couple years ago and almost went into shock. it's type one diabetes people you don't have to be born with it. don't piss me off just get ur facts straight

65- TYPE 1 IS NOT FROM BIRTH!!!!!!!! get ur ******* facts straight!!!!!!!!!! idiot

dorad 0

if you don't know your facts shut the **** up point blank

njgswl 2

ever think it could b type 1 which isnt self induced smart one?

I hate when people just assume you have type 2 from being overweight. Type 1 should not even be called diabetes.. so many people associate that name with not eating right! "oh, so you can't eat sugar and you're fat" Jesus. I have type 1 and I'm skinny as a rail and people STILL tell me the miracle cure is eating right and exercising. Ha. I wish.

you do realize that there are different reasons for people to have diabetes, right? we aren't all fat, lazy over-eaters. Diabetes can strike at any time, for any reason. Some people are born with it, some people develop the disease in childhood, some do not develop it until they are adults. Yes, weight, eating and exercise habits are contributing factors, but they are not the ONLY factors. In my case, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when i was 11. I was an extremely active child, involved in all kinds of sports, as well as working around our small farm. My parents didn't keep junk food in the house, and I was not at all overweight. The most likely cause for me was some sort of auto-immune disorder triggered by a virus. Normally there isn't much of anything you could say that would offend me, but it really pisses me off that people like you just figure those of us with incurable conditions did something to deserve it.

Mads_1234 28

My brother and I both have it. He has had it from birth and I got it when I was 7. Whenever someone learns that I'm a diabetic, they always say "Oh, so you can't eat sugar? You should work out and eat healthier." NO, that's not how it works. It can be so frustrating to meet people who just assume things without evidence.

It could've been since they were born don't be such a know it all