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Today, I returned home from college. I found out that my dad ran over my cat months ago and tried to cover it up by having her stuffed. I found it "her" on my bed when I got home. They think that it's sweet that they stuffed the cat they killed. FML
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WOW I didn't expect to get published haha. But I do think it's ****** up, and my parents ended up agreeing. My cat was an indoor cat and has always hated going outside, especially because she was allergic to grass/something outside so I know she didn't out the door or whatever. I'm not saying that they did it on purpose, because it's possible she was in the car for the vet or something and got out/they didn't notice? I don't know. I was completely heart broken and still am, I grew up with this cat and was having a rough time when I came home and looking forward to seeing her. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the..remains, but I definitely dont want to keep my stuffed cat...I think I'm going to bury her when I get the chance. My parents haven't stopped apologising, but it still sucks to have this happen.

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I'm sorry. That's equally sad and ****** up.

That is horrific thinking on their part. The complete lack of empathy for your feelings is bordering on sociopath here. I am so sorry you had to come home to that.


I'm sorry. That's equally sad and ****** up.

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Awe, I'm so sorry for the loss, but we'll, she's in a better place now..

No, trying would be telling her right away and apologising and having the animal buried/cremated.

I agree. Would rather come home to ashes I could scatter or have made into jewellery than my dead cats body on my bed..... -shudders-

That is horrific thinking on their part. The complete lack of empathy for your feelings is bordering on sociopath here. I am so sorry you had to come home to that.

I'm sorry about your cat but dear god that's messed up that your dad stuffed her.

They should've covered up saying it was just catatonic :p

The fact that they didn't tell you she passed, let you go months thinking she had been alive, then allowed you go back home expecting her to be there, only to find her stuffed body, is beyond messed up. I'm really sorry, and your cat is definitely in a better place. Keep the good memories close and cherish them. She will always be with you.

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I'm guessing they didn't tell him/her because they didn't want to mess with their heads while at school. Some parents try to keep everything bright and happy for their kids while classes are in session, then drop a dread bomb on them when they get home. It's not the best thing to do, but it can come from good intentions. Maybe.

Your cat is in a better place... On your bed now

"Tried to cover it up by having her stuffed." How the hell did they expect to pull that off? You would have found out sometime, given the cat doesn't move and a lot of its body is now fake. Having the cat stuffed is certainly not sweet though, it's creepy, especially since they killed it. I love my animals, but I could never have them stuffed, seeing them everyday like that, it would be not only saddening, but weird, seeing them everyday like that, no longer themselves and full of life.

If it makes you feel better, they don't stuff the actual cat. It's just a replica of said animal whenever there is a stuffed one

Clearly you don't understand taxidermy. They take the skin off and put the skin and fur of the real animal onto a mold or frame.

Actually no, they make a replica of said animal from a picture. At least that's how they do it with a fish. Never really looked into other animals but I would imagine it's the same process.

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I mean, accidents happen. I'm sure it wasn't on purpose and while it's terribly sad, I'm not sure they were trying to "cover it up." They probably thought the best thing they could do to brighten a terrible situation is stuff your beloved pet. At least they were trying. And while its kind of weird, they obviously did it with you in mind. Or maybe I just assume the best of people's intentions.

You have too much faith in humanity.