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Today, I went into the basement to do laundry. There is a little rope on the outside of the door to lock it. I was down there for 20 minutes, and came back up the stairs to find it locked. Turns out, my 3 year-old sister did it, then our parents took her to the park. I was stuck down there for 4 hours. FML
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Oh no! Did you at least have wifi and a phone!

Wait till she gets older, then you'll be able to get revenge. >:)


Oh no! Did you at least have wifi and a phone!

Probably not because if they had a phone, op might have used it to call their parents

Maybe her parents left theirs at home

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If so, don't you think OP would have contacted someone?

We can play the what if game all day, let's wait and see if we get a follow up

Wait till she gets older, then you'll be able to get revenge. >:)

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Don't have to wait until she's old.

Well your little sister just showed you, she's the queen of the sandbox.... You better get her laundry done Cinderella

Lock her down there today. It'll teach her a lesson.

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What the hell is wrong with you? OP's sister is 3.

You have 10 years to plot your revenge. Sounds like a plan to me

Lock her down there too. Teach her not to **** with you.

why would op lock their sister in the basement. it's obvious the little sister did it on accident, if op did it would just be cruel

Time to talk to your parents about getting a real door. It's also kind of odd to me they would leave the house for four hours without even saying goodbye or anything to you. Just...walking out the door.

They might have called down to say they were going without opening the door.

They might not have known she was home.

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Unless zombies or serial killers are a problem in your area, I don't see the point of a lock like that.

Omg I feel so bad, if it makes you feel any better I was outside during winter until my mom came home because my sister was sleeping and locked the door.

After 30 minutes you break that shit. Screw it!Keep in mind that I'm claustrophobic so that may bias my answer a little...