By MagickAngel - United States - Pinckney
Today, I was the only driver at the pizza place I work at, since it was the morning shift. My recently made ex-boyfriend ordered pizza for delivery. Guess who got to take it to him. And guess who got a 34 cent tip. FML
MagickAngel tells us more :
OP here! I'm really surprised this was published! Let me clear up a few things. I do use my own car and I make less than minimum wage here in Michigan as a driver. I was actually in an accident because I was delivering last month so my tips have been going towards repairing my car. I put about $20 in gas in my car a day and the opening shift starts at 11 AM. I was not the closest place to my ex, in fact it's a 20 min drive to where he was working when he called and asked me to bring him pizza since he couldn't leave the garage he works at. He knows I am the opening driver right now because I hadn't replaced my headlight after the crash yet. The 34 cents was the left over change after I gave him back his cash. We broke up just over a month ago after 2 and a half years living together
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  sexymomo1234  |  20

Well we don't know why they broke up in the first place... He probably just needed a reason to see her... And as far as the 34 cent tip... That's probably all the money he had... Which is probably the reason they are now "ex"

  cjcj11  |  6

Id honestly rather get no tip, at least it could seem more like they were just trying to scrape enough money together for some pizza, but for some reason a tip like that just seems so much more degrading. But yeah anyway, chances are the person spent 2 to 3 times as much as that in gas for the trip assuming it was their own car, and if it was their own, much more in wear and tear on the car

  MandieL  |  27

Because where I am, a tip is just an added bonus as we don't have a "server" wage so tips aren't as important. I'm just curious if delivery people get paid enough regardless to not have to rely on the tips. I think a server wage should be illegal btw. It shouldn't be up to the customer to ensure you make a decent wage. It should be up to the employer. Makes no sense to me. A tip should be above and beyond, and based on service provided in my opinion.


I think drivers get min wage and a negligible amount of money for using their vehicles, but depending on the drivers fuel efficiency and the delivery radius it's not unlikely that they could end up with a profit below minimum wage. Also drivers have to put up with a lot of shit that normal servers don't.

  socialproduct  |  19

It's different from state to state. In California (at least where I had worked) drivers get paid minimum wage and tips are added on top. I know in other states people in the food service industry are paid below minimum with the expectation that tips will make up the difference.

Most people use their own vehicles and if you're delivering for a long time tips don't tend to make up for the long-term maintenance costs of starting and stopping your car 20 times a day.

  PePziNL  |  20

Yeah thats way too much of a reach man. It's obvious that 34 cents = 3+4=7, seven is made up of five letters, five rhymes with wife, so he just wanted to get married.


By  Theuser12  |  4

That is really immature of him, although since I am from a country where there are no tips, tips really don't make sense for me. Why should I pay the employees? Shouldn't that be the employers job?