By Out of Shape - 16/08/2011 22:09 - Egypt

Today, I decided to start exercising. I almost passed out five minutes into the warm up, and couldn't even stand in the shower afterwards. I'm only 21. FML
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Keep at it and you'll never regret it again. At least in a few weeks anyway.

why would you need to shower after doing nothing


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Keep at it and you'll never regret it again. At least in a few weeks anyway.

-1 But, the ice cream... Chocolate... OMNOMNOMMNOMNOM

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It's ok I almost passed out opening the DVD case on my p90x video. I needed a few cooldown periods, a knife and a 6 pack... Probably the only 6 pack I'll have throughout this whole DVD

-24 No what you need to do is hire someone, it's just easier that way.

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Very true, here's a new idea! Forget about exercising eat tons of junk food then get liposuction. ( Warning ) Do not try this at home in your garage. Ex. On a Thousand Ways To Die.

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Sorry 26 I couldn't finish the DVD commentary was too demanding.

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32- Sadly not all out of shape people are fat but thanks for the tip!

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Good thing your only 21, That means it'll be easy to get into shape, your body should reboot pretty fast :D

40- Lol they have no mention of skinny people being unathletic, or athletics in general for that matter XD

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Don't feel bad, OP. I don't think exercing is helping me to get in shape either. When I was jogging last night, I was huffing and puffing so hard that when I got to the Dairy Queen, I could hardly eat my Blizzard. Oh, and I'm not fat, I'm just horizontally enhanced. I'm not out of shape either. Round is a shape.

I have been excercising for 5 years now. It was definatley worthit.

-#24 P90X is tough, man. My wife just finished the 90 days and I got tired just watching! I've only tried it twice and it kicked my ass.

instead of an EvilPotato you are an CouchPotato.

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uhhhh, thats so pathetic. but keep trying and build up your endurance. hydrate more prior to exercising.. maybe a better diet?

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just keep at it. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks. I used to be really weak the firs time I went to a gym it was embarrassing but I kept at I and I'm a lot stronger now

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Actually that could be a medical condition called vasovagal syncope me and my mom both have it. Yes being out of shape makes it worse and I am prepared for everyone to thumb me down saying I can't make excuses for her being out of shape

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38 - Indeed! I'm really skinny but I'm so out of shape I can barely even jog for a minute. I'm 21 too :/ sad, isn't it. I'm just so lazy :)

24- Maybe you should start with P90 (not P90X) it's easier!

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It must be because of the blood loss from your period. I recommend taking Iron vitamins.

I recommend penis transplant if the problem persists.

why would you need to shower after doing nothing

my bad I re-read it and it said "almost." I first thought that you passed out after 5min then took a shower

Either way, this guy needs to put in an effort

Also, either way people usually take showers on a daily basis in most cases anyway Don't see why they shouldn't be taking a shower

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Because when you work out you sweat a lot and don't want to smell like BO? SOTY if you're not taking showers daily hopefully you take them after a heated, sweaty workout.

61- Hopefully you are not just trolling and actually took the time to look thoroughly at snakerake's second comment and also what mine actually said I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn't read everything

Well, at least you're exercising and trying to get better. That's more than I can say for most people.

Well, almost exercising. But atleast something right

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Maybe next time you'll be able to get past the warm-up and actually do the work out

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That sounds like a medical issue.

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Not really, people use that as an excuse way too often. It is rarely true.

Or they have a medical condition BECAUSE they are lazy/unhealthy eater/etc.

Op was probably dehydrated. You need to drink lots of water before working out !

Fat lard, eat more healthy and drink water

The FML doesn't state that she's fat. She could just as easily have no weight but lacking exercise to keep a toned physique.

Start out little, then build up your routine.

Sounds like you need to work out a little bit more often, start out slow!

That's if he Dan even get to the actual workout! ;l

I'm not sure you can start out much slower than a 5 min warmup...