By mcmacmick97 - United States - Egg Harbor Township
Today, while already late for work, a cop pulled me over. When he got to my window, he said, "Oh sorry, I thought I knew you," and sent me on my way. I was relieved, but still got written up for being late to work. My boss didn't believe the story. FML
mcmacmick97 tells us more :
Just to clear some things up I was working the early shift, which I do on most Thursdays and Fridays. I work at a small diner that opens at 7 and had left my house around 6:40 and was going to show up around 7-7:05. My boss usually shows up around 7:15-:7:30. Now when this cop put his lights on behind me I turned down a street to get off of the main road I was on.I was getting my license/registration ready and all that shit and he pulled up to my window and said he was very sorry and he was just trying to say hi to an old friend that he said had the same car as i do. Now this road i pulled down didn't allow me to get back onto the main road, and I had to take a 15 or so minute detour to get back on track. I got there around 7:25 and my boss was already there. I was glad I didn't get a ticket, but it was still very frustrating because I would've only been a couple minutes late and my boss would never have known, but the police officer threw my time off. And ive only been working there for about 3 or so weeks so it sucks to get off on the wrong foot. I also noticed several of you talking about how many write-ups you can get before being fired, and for mine it's 3. Like somebody else said just sucks to waste one already, but i shouldnt have too much of a problem keeping myself in check. Now for the story I told him, I figured he wouldn't believe it, but had to tell anyway. He seemed more irritated that I was "lying" about being late so i probably shouldnt have even bothered. But thanks FML for posting!
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  glabberfasted  |  16

I would actually prefer the ticket. My company has a policy where you get 3 write ups and then you're fired, but only 1 write up will cause you to not be eligible for raises, transfers, or promotions. And we can get written up for very stupid things.

  Enslaved  |  36

Why is #14 getting down voted? The FML states that the OP was "already late for work". Getting pulled over would not have changed that, and it sounds like the cop only took a few minutes of the OP's time before getting sent on his way. OP should be happy that there wasn't a ticket given and work on his time management to be at work on time. I know that there are asshole bosses but never heard of one that would make the effort to bother writing someone up unless it was an ongoing issue.

  Alikia96  |  20

Well, you never know, OP may have made it on time if the cop didn't stop him. Or maybe being pulled over by the cop made him run into the boss when he got to work. Anything could have happened and we have all gotten to places late at one point or another so you guys can't say anything.

  iOceanus  |  18

4: Clearly the cop should be more careful. If I was a cop, I'd totally do that to my friends, but I'd at least memorize their license plate number to make sure it was them.


#28 I was wondering the same thing.

I didn't know how to get rid of the second post, but I figured that it would sort itself out eventually. I didn't want to flag my own post, though.

By  KeeLady  |  20

Though that really is bad luck, you said you were already running late before he pulled you over anyway. At my job, 2 mins or 20 mins late, it doesn't matter-so leave for work sooner next time!


Absolutely. Cop or no cop, OP was late for work because they got out of the house too late. Pulling someone over and realizing it's the wrong person shouldn't take much more than five minutes.

By  laurenlovesjb  |  20

Honestly, if I were your boss, I wouldn't believe that story either. I've never heard of that happening before, especially because no cop should pull you over just to see if he knew you! That really sucks that that had to happen to you on a day you were already running late.:(

  ChenEighty  |  20

I've heard stories like that, but it's normally along he lines of "My cop friend pulled me over last week to mess with me, scared the shit out of me!" I could see how if OP drives the same car and looks generally the same through a window a cop could try playing a joke on a buddy and getting the wrong person.