By kissless - 10/10/2009 19:04 - United States

Today, my boyfriend left for a month-long trip with his buddies. I stood near the door waiting for a goodbye kiss. He kissed his xbox goodbye instead. FML
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Sell his xbox and buy a wii. That'll piss him off

Ahahaha. Not gunna lie, I would probebly kiss my xbox goodbye to.


Sun_Kissed18 25

"Classic Guy"?? Hm.. maybe all of the guys I know are the rare, non-asshole guys.

First of all: Classic Guy? I have never met a dude that would kiss his xbox over his girl. And second: I understand where he's coming from a little bit. Hey, the xbox let's him win sometimes and never suffocates him with stories that branch out into 75 other ones, last longer than the "Titanic" and have less of a point than a Dubya speech. (and far less entertainment value)

I'm sure there are millions of non-assholish guys in this planet. You just seem to fall for the assholish guys because those are the only ones that you actually ever pay attention too.

Sorry, sun-kissed18, I meant to reply to the OP, I clicked reply on your comment by accident... :S

If I was leaving for a month long trip, I'd either take the Xbox and kiss the girlfriend, or take the girlfriend and kiss the Xbox.

lovebugg1234 0

ermm. new boyfriend? loll. but this is really not that bad. maybe he was just being cute

the same way your **** are ;) oh wait.. that doesn't make sense

Hitting on girls on FML? Really? Actually, I wonder if that works. Tell me how it turns out.

Sell his xbox and buy a wii. That'll piss him off

This had me laughing more than the FML. *Throws a basket of virtual cookies*

the phrase cruel and unusual punishment comes to mind wit that suggestion

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Haha! I'd totally do that. But, I already have a Wii :/. But again I don't kiss it! He must have some lead on his lips now... knowing how much of it they put in almost everything. He's gonna die of lead poisoning. Then you'll be sawry! Fhl for kissing xboxes, that's rather disturbing.

That's one of the cruelest things i have ever heard, how could anyone even think of doing that.

I used to play the wii, but then I took an arrow in the knee.

Ahahaha. Not gunna lie, I would probebly kiss my xbox goodbye to.

Dump him, he is going to flirt with other girls out there anyway.

I would totally have done the same thing, and i'm a girl. X-box is fricking sweet.

When he comes home, make sure you are gone.

It's the only box he'll be getting near on his return. Self inflicted chastity. He has it.