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Today, my fiancé insists that instead of kissing at the crucial moment of our wedding ceremony, we should give each other a high five. FML
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uprising_fml 0

so kiss AND high five . marriage is all about compromise yes ?

HowAreYouToday 34

You have been bro-zoned by your soon to be wife


HowAreYouToday 34

You have been bro-zoned by your soon to be wife

808Boyo 4

At that crucial moment, you should walk away.

m0tl3ycru3 0

^ i agree sounds like something a dude would suggest

HowAreYouToday 34

Yea. You're right. I just assumed because I figured a soon to be wife would have already expected that...

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I guess i'm the only one who thinks that would be soo cool- why not kiss then high five

hey could be two women. and no man you never know lol.

fiancé (with one e) is male. fiancée is female. OP is female. so actually she has been bro-zoned by her future husband...

kbtoyz69 9

Yo! that slampiece is a complainer he should tell her she can only leave the kitchen if she brings natty and a sandwich!

kbtoyz69 9

she's lucky the fellow brosef lets her out of the kitchen to attend her wedding I had my wife stay there and face time me MLIB

tylersign 11

65- I didn't know that! And I consider myself pretty good at the English language xD Thanks for that piece of info.

Id tell him if were gonna high five at MY wedding then every time hed want some a high five would be all hed get

180 - fiancé is French, not the English language...

tylersign 11

Too bad it's used in English. I could say that a lot of our words are from Latin roots, that doesn't mean it isn't English. "Et Tu Brute" is French. But it's in the ENGLISH play "Julius Caesar".

riack 2

You guys should create some complex handshake for it. Or better yet, do the Fresh Prince handshake lol

136 - unnecessary comment was unnecessary. Your probable thumbs down indicated that.

Max24KB 0

I'm pretty sure that's the firsttime someone has mentioned the fresh prince on fml haha

jePomme 0

It's French originally, I'm pretty sure.

What about the fact that it literally says "fiancé"

uprising_fml 0

so kiss AND high five . marriage is all about compromise yes ?

That's a good point! Plus, I'd probably laugh if that happened to me. It shows a playful approach, and marriages need more fun in them to strive these days..

derpfest 0

68- I see what you did there...

I think a high ten would be way more romantic...

McAninch35 9

A high ten and swooping your hands to each others butts. Then a big dirty open mouthed kiss.

56- umm I've never heard anyone call it a double high five. A double high five, technically, would result in a high five followed consecutively by a second high five. A high ten is when you give a high five with both hands simultaneously. If you want to get technical here...

115- this is a wedding..not some type of ****..

You should do like a high ten, swing you arms down, and then have you both lean in for a kiss. That's cute!

jeshthefag 0

I so agree!! that would be adorable!

JessicaSavvyR 0

Aww c: agreed ! I wanna do that now

wriptidez 0

nope u guys will be united- calls for a kiss

Poor kittens... Being murdered for no good reason. *sobs*

braddah112233 1

I think every kitten in the world would be dead by now..

Badab1ng 5

I think he should go for the boob grab and you should go for the crotch squeeze. It would be personal and semi-erotic.

I seriously wonder.. What kind of fruit you're on. You seem to be high all the time when you comment. But not weed-high. Something more intense, more radical, so I'm thinking maybe pineapples or something.

Pineapples take you high man, but mangoes are something else entirely. You should try it sometime.

try some kiwis too. they'll take you on a wicked trip man

I agree, I once decided I was brave enough to try mangoe. Im still trying to figure out what city I'm in.

DKjazz 20

Maybe he wants something fun and memorable. Compromise and do both!

missL1z 5

You could give a high 10 then grab each other's hands bring it down to your sides and lean forward for a kiss! Win-win!

missL1z 5

Well, Emily's post weren't posted yet when I was writing mine so whatever.

beastmode21 0

even though yours is word for word the exact same thing. i doubt it