By Justanotherwreck - 20/04/2019 16:00

Today, we had an office party. I got extremely drunk and invited my younger coworker into the bathroom to make out repeatedly. Not only did he reject me multiple times, but he also looked super traumatised and hasn’t said a word to me since. FML
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So you got drunk and sexually harassed a younger coworker? F *his* life. If there's any fallout with HR over this, you need to recognise that you have it coming for your behaviour. Apologize to the guy next time you see him.

can you blame him? he could've caught charges for making out with a drunk girl


I’m... exactly how young are we talking?!

Apologise for having been a total asshole and stop drinking at office parties - or at all if that’s how you act when you’re drunk.

YDI. He should file harassment charges against you, BTW...

No fat chicks. No old chicks. No ugly chicks. And no drunk chicks, unless they're super hot college chicks. That is the credo of the Club 18-30 straight guy. Basically, you should know better.

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This is sexual harassment. You're lucky he hasn't reported you to HR which is his right to do so. I think you should apologize to him and lay off the drinks at work functions.

I miss out on all the good jobs. FML

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that's sexual assault. fk ur life, you deserve it.