By Anonymous - 25/03/2016 17:05 - United States - Miami

Today, I'm in training at an animal shelter. There's an adorable tiny kitten there, which my boss said not to touch it because it's feral. "No way he's dangerous" I said, reaching into the cage to pet it. It struck like a cobra and tore up my arm. My first on-the-job injury is from a KITTEN. FML
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pretty obvious ydi here tbh Listen to the boss next time

abraybro 27

Don't let looks deceive you.


pretty obvious ydi here tbh Listen to the boss next time

Not only has OP gotten injured, but he's showed his boss that he's not good at following instructions. Great first impression.

And also that he knows nothing about cats... Even the tiniest kitten has claws and teeth, and yes they can do damage if they feel threatened. ALL feral cats are dangerous and should be treated carefully no matter their age. OP shouldn't be working in an animal shelter if he a) doesn't know how to work with animals, and b) can't follow simple instructions about said animals. He's lucky his stupidity didn't lead to anyone else getting injured as well.

abraybro 27

Don't let looks deceive you.

This made me think of the Irukandji jellyfish. Tiny as ****, but can totally murder you.

The cutest are always the scariest

just remember, curiosity killed the cat

Well in this case, it looks like the cat killed (the OP's) curiosity ...

That made no sense to this story. Stick to meth.

37, stick to first grade, like your reading level.

mwali02 32

New employee follows directions... Poorly.

Maybe you should listen to the person who obviously had more experience with the animal.

What the **** did you expect to happen, trying to touch a ferrel cat that has probably never had positive human contact before

Yeah I would never touch a cat that is such a famous movie star, wouldn't want to mess up his fur.

amileah13 26

Well, you were warned.

You sound like you would get along well with the man who climbed into the panda enclosure at a zoo in southern China and was subsequently mauled. Just because an animal does not to look dangerous does not mean it can't cause serious injury ... especially since you were specifically warned about it. YDI!

You... are an idiot.

Cats are hard to read but they can be rehabilitated even if they are feral. But reaching in and scaring the poor thing to death is not the way to do it. Ydi

Yep I've rehabbed and rehomed about 5 feral cats/kittens in the past two years. Any that we can't rehab are TNR.

#35 Only five in the last two years? I've had way more than that. For some reason, I always get the feral cats.