Nice victim blaming!

By fuckyoutoothen! - 22/07/2020 08:02

Today, I showed my friend all the dirty messages and dick pics her boyfriend had sent me. I included the ones of me telling him to stop. Instead of being mad at him, she flipped out on me, saying it’s my fault because I “dress too sexy” and he shouldn’t even have my number. He got it from her phone. FML
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Wow, with friends like that who needs enemies

ojoRojo 27

She’s obviously just embarrassed and angry with him and taking it out on you. She’ll either realize it and apologize or you’ll know she’s not a real friend.


Wow, with friends like that who needs enemies

I'm bothered by how long it took you two to have this conversation. If I ever received a dick pic from my friends' partners or if any of my friends received a dick pic from my partner, one phone call is all it takes and then we move into The Bitching Hour. How you got multiple dick pics and multiple "no"s in before bringing it up, I will never understand.

leximichelle 13

OP was probably trying to keep the situation from escalating by not immediately going to her friend.

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1) Seeing as OP’s friend is already in disbelief, I can see if that friend has that history of requiring more “proof” for the OP to wait. 2) Sometimes people wait and try to solve the issue themselves by letting the person know their boundaries. (Until it’s doesn’t work, ofc). And believe it not, there is an unfortunate pressure to “not get involved” in someone else’s relationship, or “be the one to ruin it”. Notice that I put these in quotations because I don’t actually believe in it... but we cannot deny this pressure exists. So it naturally may take longer to speak up at times.

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Well obviously eventually it gets escalated as it should - but if you don’t understand how emotions and situations work as I attempted to explain - then there’s nothing else to say as you won’t understand. Good day!

ojoRojo 27

She’s obviously just embarrassed and angry with him and taking it out on you. She’ll either realize it and apologize or you’ll know she’s not a real friend.

Do you not know how blocking works, or did you just like the attention? You should have blocked him after the first dirty message and kept your mouth shut, and let your friend figure out what a pig he is.

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I would let her know. she may get mad but honesty is always the best. better to be honest at the beginning it's it's better than her finding out later. if she chooses to end your friendship at least u can know u did the right thing

It sounds good in theory, but practically speaking your friend is always going to associate you with the cheating no matter how innocent you really are. It makes no rational sense, but that's how things go. I don't think the OP is so innocent since he sent her lots of content.

Your friend is an idiot. Obviously she's shooting the messenger and ignoring the message.

The reality is: you never want to be the messenger. Even if you just witness your friend's SO cheating, you only lose by informing them. You think you're being the good friend, but that blows up in your face. In this case, it looks like the OP tolerated his bad behavior for a while, so the friend might not think she's so innocent.

I'm sorry but it sounds like they both are stuck in their high school phase. That's some immature actions on both of their parts. I think you should've come clean with it all sooner but I can also understand why you didn't. I'd move on, you don't need that negativity in your life.

Most people in a relationship would rather shoot the messenger then the person at fault. Live and learn.

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